Mount Avash, Miskolc


The city is located on the Sinwe River near its confluence with the Chaillot, 175 kilometers northeast of Budapest. Miskolc is connected with Budapest by a highway and a railway. Conventional railway trains cover the distance between cities on average in 2–2.5 hours, express trains - in 1 hour 40 minutes. Railways also lead from the city towards the Slovak Kosice and Nyiregyhazy, roads - to Kosice and Debrecen.

City transport is represented by 45 bus lines and two tram lines.

There is a small airport near the city, but it is not used for passengers.

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Avash (avas) on the map of the attraction of Miskolc (hungary)

Avash - the highest point (234 m above sea level) of the city of Miskolc is a hill of volcanic origin, rising 104 m above the city. From the ancient Hungarian language, the name of the hill is translated as “forbidden,” since wine cellars were equipped in the bowels of the hill, and grazing over them was a danger to them. According to the project of Balint Seghalmi, in the middle of the last century, a wooden tower was built on the Avash hill, which resembled a church in architecture. In 1956, during the revolution, it was destroyed by Soviet soldiers.

In 1963, a 72-meter television tower, once a symbol of the city, was installed on the top of the hill. From the viewing platform of the television tower offers a wonderful panorama of the city and its surroundings.

On the northern part of the hill, not far from Erzhebet Square, there is a 13th-century Gothic Avash Cathedral with a bell tower - the oldest building in Miskolc (another oldest building is the Gyösdjör Castle). The area of ​​the wine cellars dug nearby in the sandstone was called Kis Avash or “Small Avash”.

In the southern part of Avash hill there is the largest residential complex of the city (Avash-South) - a typical area of ​​the socialist era with multi-storey panel houses, in which one third of the population lives.

Interesting Facts

The name of the mountain comes from the ancient Hungarian word, which means "forbidden." In the old days, shepherds were forbidden to graze animals on the mountain, so as not to damage the old wine cellars. In the 20th century, important artifacts were discovered on the hill, indicating that once primitive people lived in some caves.

Today, the wine cellars on Mount Avash are one of the attractions of Miskolc. There are many cafes and restaurants, which, among other things, conduct excursions in the cellars. For example, the restaurant Aranykorona.

History of Miskolc

The first residents settled on the Avash hill in the vicinity of the city back in the Paleolithic. According to excavations, people came to the region 700,000 years ago! Thanks to the name of the Seletsk Cave on the hill, historians now know the seletsk culture of hunters and gatherers.

Before Miskolc (Hungary) was settled by the ancestors of modern inhabitants, several peoples managed to change:

Hungarians came here only in the 9th century. Lajos the Great officially approved Miskolc (Hungary) in urban status in 1364, and also built the main castle - Dioshdier. During the Turkish invasion of the middle of the XVI century, the whole region was completely ruined. They restored it only after one and a half hundred years. In the city of Miskolc, sights of that period are rare - in 1707 it was again burned for revolutionary sentiments against the Habsburgs.

In the 18th-19th centuries, active industrialization and restoration began. By the 1900s, Miskolc was one of the main industrial centers of Hungary. With the collapse of the USSR, many enterprises fell into decay, people began to leave the city quickly. From 1985 to 2014, the population decreased by 50 thousand people.

Modern Miskolc (Hungary) develops small business and restores old factories. Recently, tourists come here - they are attracted to thermal baths with mineral water in the vicinity. But the city has something to see.

The city's attractions

You should start the walk from the very center - Town Hall Square, which in Hungarian is called Városház tér. There are beautiful houses of the XVIII-XIX centuries, there are souvenir shops and nice restaurants.

A couple of blocks east on Secheni's main street is the Miskolc National Theater (Hungary). The sights of an industrial city may surprise. In the building of 1856, an opera festival is held every summer. The theater has a website in English -

There are many churches in Miskolc, among which there are unique ones:

  1. Calvinist church. The main temple of the Protestants. It is unique in that it is completely wooden - the first building appeared in the XIII century, then it was rebuilt many times. The modern church is a consequence of the 1998 reconstruction. Address: Tetemvár felsősor, at the foot of the Awash hill.
  2. Greek church. Central to the Orthodox city of Miskolc. Attractions for over 200 years. It is known for its 16-meter iconostasis with 88 icons - it has no equal in all of Central Europe. The church has a very rich interior. Address: Deák Ferenc tér 7.
  3. Parish Church. This is a Catholic church. It was built at the end of the 18th century and consecrated in honor of Saints Peter and Paul. The building is baroque, in style similar to the Greek Orthodox Church. Inside is also an impressive iconostasis with 90 images. Address: Mindszent tér 8.

You can also look at museums. These sights of Miskolc are not so diverse, I can advise the main one is the Otto German Museum. It is dedicated to archeology, ethnography, history and art. Open from 09:00 to 17:00 from Tuesday to Sunday. Address: Görgey Artúr u. 28.

Outside the center, there is an option to go to the Avash hill, next to which there is a Calvinist church. In the city of Miskolc (Hungary), there are sights even underground - wine cellars are dug near the church. There are often guided tours with tastings. In the center of the hill stands a TV tower 72 meters high, at the top there is an observation deck, you can climb.

And of course you should not miss the recently reconstructed 13th century Dioshdier Castle with museum exhibitions and festivals. If you get bored in Miskolc, I advise you to go to Lillafured, to which a narrow-gauge forest road leads.

Yes, Miskolc (Hungary) is not the most popular city in the country and not as beautiful as Budapest. But if you are nearby, for example, driving from Ukraine or flying to Debrecen airport, you can stop for a day - you will not get bored.

To Miskolc from Budapest

It is easiest to get from Budapest to Miskolc and back by train. The trains depart daily from Budapest East Station (Keleti pályaudvar) to Miskolc from early morning until evening. Average travel time: 2 hours, adult ticket (in a class 2 carriage) - 3 400-3 900 forints.

How to buy: at the box office of the railway station or in the machine in the same place (here is the video instruction) or in advance on the website of the Hungarian railways (here is the video instruction).

By bus from Budapest to Miskolc theoretically you can get, but only with a change. For example, in Eger. Long and uncomfortable.

Distance Budapest - Miskolc is 180 kilometers. On your own or rented car, you will pass it in two hours. Do not forget to read the article about toll roads in Hungary.

Private transfer Budapest - Miskolc from KiwiTaxi will cost from 140 euros. You can order the same transfer from us - 110 euros for 1-2 people, 130 euros - for 3-4 people. Read more about transfer from tripandme here.

Excursions directly to Miskolc from Budapest are not organized. There is a group excursion to Miskolc-Tapolca with a visit to Eger. We also carry out individual excursions along this route. Details on the link.

To Miskolc from Debrecen and Eger

Debrecen (link detailed article about the second city of Hungary) is located 112 kilometers from Miskolc. The road to the car will take a little more than an hour.

There is only one direct train from Debrecen to Miskolc. He leaves early in the morning. (one hour and a half on the way, adult ticket - 2,000 forints). With one or two train transfers, darkness. Useful links for finding and buying tickets gave above.

Bus Debrecen - Miskolc runs many times a day. It is direct, travel time - 2 hours 10 minutes. The cost of an adult ticket is 1900 forints.

There are also many direct buses in the direction of Eger - Miskolc, travel time is 1.5 hours, an adult ticket costs 1,300 forints.

With trains Eger - Miskolc more difficult. All come with one change, but even with it they arrive in the city faster than the bus - they fit into the hour.

Where to live in Miskolc

I myself did not live directly in Miskolc. I rented a whole house 20 minutes from the city. If you are by car - a great option! Large two-story house with a huge covered veranda and lawn. A couple of minutes walk the lake where you can swim. We lived there with the company for two nights - now we dream of returning. The hostess is a sweet Hungarian, however, she does not speak English at all. I leave a link to the ad.

If you want to live directly in Miskolc, then a selection of high-rated placements will help you.

Vagabond Apartman - Excellent rating. Apartment with 1 bedroom, equipped kitchen, bathroom and terrace. There is a garage for a car.

Centrál Apartman - Excellent rating. Another apartment that was praised by previous guests. The apartment has 1 bedroom, kitchen and bathroom.

Lévay Villa Hotel - Excellent rating. The 4-star hotel is located in a green area of ​​Miskolc, a short walk from the city center. In the mornings, a delicious breakfast buffet is served here. The hotel has a bar, fitness center and sauna. Guests can enjoy a drink in the cozy bar, work out in the fully equipped fitness center, or relax in the sauna.

Hotel Pannonia - rated Very Good. Hotel Pannonia in the pedestrian zone in the very center of Miskolc. The hotel has a sauna and an underground garage (paid). Guests note the comfort of the rooms and the friendliness of the staff.

Where to eat in Miskolc

At the moment, I can recommend one institution in Miskolc. It is called A Leves (Miskolc, Déryné u. 4). There are always several soups on the menu, ranging from traditional Hungarian cold fruit soup to bean stew with smoked sausages and so on. There are other dishes. Prices are average, they cook deliciously. Summer has tables outside.

Always yours, Daniil Privolnov.

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