Mount Tibidabo (Barcelona)


Mount Tibidabo - The highest point in the Spanish city of Barcelona, ​​refers to the Colserola ridge. This hill offers a beautiful panorama of the capital of Catalonia, which is enjoyed not only by foreign tourists, but also by the Spaniards themselves. The mountain is relatively low - a little more than 500 meters above sea level, however, both it and the sights located on top are visible from anywhere in the city.

Basic moments

This area is mentioned in the Gospel of Matthew, in an episode when the devil tempts Jesus, promising to give him all the earthly beauty. Showing the view from the top, he says: “I give it back to you”, which in Latin sounds like “tibi dabo”. This is where the current name of the mountain comes from. The hill belongs to one of the most revered religious places in Spain, since the Church of the Sacred Heart was erected on the top, and earlier a monastery was located here.

In addition to a religious shrine, Tibidabo also has the oldest amusement park in Spain, a puppet and science museum, a high television tower with an observation deck, a botanical garden, and a horror castle. Tibidabo can be called a center for family vacations, which is visited not only by tourists, but also by local residents.

Tibidabo Barcelona Statue of Jesus on Mount Tibidabo

Temple of the Sacred Heart

The construction of this architectural masterpiece of the Neo-Gothic style began in the early twentieth century. The construction was completed only after 60 years, but immediately after the opening and consecration of the temple became one of the most important sights of Barcelona. The building combines the features inherent in the Gothic and Romanesque styles with elements of monumentalism.

The main external element is a sculpture of Christ with arms outstretched. It is believed that this posture shows the Savior’s readiness to accept the world of people with all its imperfections and, in spite of everything, to bestow their goodness. On a special elevator, you can climb to the roof of the temple, directly to the sculpture of Christ. It offers breathtaking views of the Mediterranean coast and the whole of Barcelona.

The Holy Grail Under the Stained Glass Dome Entrance to the Park

Amusement park

The entertainment complex on the top of Mount Tibidabo appeared more than a hundred years ago. It was the first amusement park in all of Spain. To get here it was necessary to withstand a huge queue. The latter fact has not changed much - tourists who arrive in the middle of the day or in the late afternoon risk spending quite a lot of time waiting in line for the carousel. Surprisingly, most of the mechanisms operating today were designed at a time when electricity was only part of the everyday life of the Spaniards.

Since then, the rides have periodically been modernized, so you can be completely confident in your own safety, but the appearance and atmosphere of the park have remained almost unchanged. The most popular local activities include the Ferris wheel, the Airplane and Viking merry-go-rounds, Roller coasters, and the horror castle. All of them are not so breathtaking as in the most modern amusement parks, but more than half a kilometer above sea level gives sensations a sharpness.

Viking Airplane Roller Coaster

Other entertainment Tibidabo

If you like the movie “Vicky Cristina Barcelona”, the work of Woody Allen or just mechanical toys, be sure to check out the museum on top. Its rich exposition will impress not only children, but also adults. The Tibidabo Science Museum is almost completely interactive - you can easily take part in chemical and physical experiments, you can press buttons and touch the exhibits.

TV Tower Torre de Collserola

Also, tourists have the opportunity to climb to the observation deck of the local television tower. Its height is almost 270 meters, and given that the mountain itself rises above the city by more than 500 meters, it offers the best views, especially at sunset. Tickets for the viewing platform of the TV tower can be bought already at the top.

Tram for thrill-seekers

About one square kilometer of the slope is occupied by cultivated rainforest. Here you can see more than a hundred species of representatives of flora and fauna from the Amazon rain forests. In addition, the famous tropical poisonous frogs, anacondas and other animals live in the botanical garden. The beautiful landscape labyrinth of Laberint d’Horta is also available for visiting. If you cannot find a way out of it yourself, a local caretaker will come to help at any time.

The order of visit

The amusement park on Mount Tibidabo is open in summer from Wednesday to Sunday from 12.00 to 23.00. At other times of the year, you should go here only on holidays and weekends, and closing times may change (but not earlier than 19.00). The park is divided into 3 zones for visitors of different sizes. This is due to ensuring proper security. You can learn more about the operating mode of Tibidabo attractions on the official website or from the brochure that hotels usually give out to their guests.

It is best to come directly to the opening of the park in order to have time to enjoy the few crowded viewing platforms, ride on the carousel, go to a local restaurant. The prices for souvenirs and food here are quite high, so if your budget is limited, you should take lunch and drinks with you, and after getting up, get on one of the picnic areas.

How to get there

There are several ways to get to the top of Mount Tibidabo. The easiest way is to come to Plaça Catalunya, from where the specialized Tibibus bus leaves, which takes you directly to the top. The fare is about 3 euros.

The classic and most romantic route is the second option. You need to take the seventh metro line to Tibidabo station, take the elevator to the street and take the famous Blue Tram to get to Doctor Andreu Square. Next, you need to transfer to the funicular, which will take you to the top. The cost of each segment of the path varies, fluctuating within 3-5 euros.

In addition, you can climb the mountain on foot, but only following a special route. This will help you not to get lost in the bush and not to accidentally violate the boundaries of someone's private property. Since the slope is quite gentle, such an ascent cannot be called very difficult. You can go down any of these routes. Please note that presenting a Barcelona Card or Barcelona Bus Turístic Tourist Card will help reduce transport costs.

The legend of mount Tibidabo

The strange name of the mountain, which does not refer to either Spanish or Catalan, is actually translated from Latin: "I give you." Those experts who speak this dead language immediately understand the meaning of the name Tibidabo Mountain.

And those who are familiar with the Christian scripture immediately remember what Satan said to Jesus when he tried to tempt the Savior of mankind right here. Subsequently, this mountain in Barcelona received the name Tibidabo.

And on its top was built the Church of the Sacred Heart. On it stands a statue of Christ, who did not succumb to any temptation of Satan. The Savior presses humanity to the heart, embraces and wishes to save him from the vices and temptations of Satan.

View from Mount Tibidabo

The view of Barcelona and the surrounding area from this mountain delights tourists, because they see what our Lord saw. This fact throws most vacationers into complete shock, and they will forever remember the beauty that has opened to them.

In addition to natural beauty, beautiful Barcelona itself is clearly visible here, where Antonio Gaudi and other magnificent architects worked, who turned the city into one of the most beautiful creations of man in the world.

"Airplane Tibidabo"

This ride is not for teenagers or ladies with disheveled nerves. Samoletik is interesting in that it offers a magnificent view of Barcelona, ​​Mount Tibidabo and other surrounding beauty from its side.

To fly, you need to sit in the cockpit and fly around the center holding it three times. You will immediately feel that you are flying over the abyss on a broken plane and are about to collapse into tartarara, it is very scary.

According to local legend, this airplane is a copy of a real airplane that once flew from Barcelona to Madrid. So the Catalans feel their real relationship with the Spaniards and the metropolis.

Tibidabo Mountain Cable Car

Even today, getting to the top of Tibidabo is a rather difficult task. On the way you can meet private estates, shrubs, trees, etc. There is no good road to the top of the mountain, there is only a hiking trail.

The same thing happened at the beginning of the last century, when they began to build an amusement park and other attractions on Tibidabo. Therefore, in those days, it was decided to build a funicular.

This funicular runs on Barcelona Mountain today. It starts moving from the square of Dr. Andreu, and ends on the top of Tibidabo. A more comfortable and romantic mode of transport to the mountain does not exist yet.

TV tower

The nearby TV tower, which doesn’t quite correspond to the general surroundings or landscape, looks like a guest from the future against the background of a rather Victorian past.

The tower was built according to the design of N. Foster in the 30s of the last century. It has an extremely futuristic appearance, but from its observation deck in front of the audience offers a breathtaking view of Barcelona.

Invitation to Mount Tibidabo

If you decide to go on vacation to magnificent Barcelona, ​​immediately plan a visit to its sacred mountain Tibidabo, otherwise your acquaintance with the capital of Catalonia will be inferior.

Be sure to look at the city in heights, take a walk in the local park, take part in the rides, taste real Catalan food in the local restaurant, visit the Sacred Heart Temple and the TV tower.

So you better understand and feel the Catalans, because not only tourists come to Mount Tibidabo, but also many locals. And the vast majority of Barcelona lovers will definitely return to its holy mountain again and again.

General information

If we talk about species attractions, Mount Tibidabo is on the list of the most visited. If Barcelona is brightly lit by the sun, photographs from observation platforms will turn out stunning without exaggeration.

Interesting fact! The phrase "tibi omnia dabo" is present in the Bible, it was uttered by the devil in an attempt to tempt Jesus Christ.

It was this religious place that was chosen for the construction of the temple, the hands of Jesus Christ, as if embracing the world. Tourists unanimously note that the view from the top admires and is remembered for a lifetime. However, the temple and picturesque landscapes are not the only attractions that travelers will see. There is an amusement park, museums, a restaurant and even a television tower. This is what we’ll talk about in the article.

Mount Tibidabo in Barcelona belongs to the Collserola mountain range, visually similar to a horseshoe. It is believed that a landmark appeared about three hundred million years ago on the border of southern Barcelona.

Good to know! The address of Mount Tibidabo is Plaça Tibidabo 3-4, Barcelona. Distance from the center - 7 km.

The mountain was already interested in the times of Ancient Rome, Barcelona was already formed at that time, therefore Dibidabo was regarded as an important strategic object. Many tribes fought for control of the region.


There are four sites on Mount Tibidabo and in the Temple of the Sacred Heart. Two of them are located next to a religious attraction, the third - at the top, you can only get here by elevator, the fourth - works on a TV tower. There is also a cafe on Tibidabo, from the windows of which there is a no less picturesque view of Barcelona.

Visiting this viewing platform (almost 290 m high) is paid. At first glance, the tower does not fit into the general landscape of the area, but most tourists note that its design is original and even futuristic.

The observation deck is located at an altitude of 135 m (10th floor), it is a ring gallery with a wonderful view of the city. The elevator rises at low speed, it takes about 3 minutes to get to the road. During the lift, the passengers of the elevator lay their ears as during a flight in an airplane.

Next to the telescopes are photographs of objects that can be seen while looking at Barcelona. It is noteworthy that the television tower is part of the World Federation of high-rise towers.

Good to know! The schedule of the observation deck is best clarified on the official website, the cost of visiting is 5.6 €.

CosmoCaixa Science Museum

An amazing place dedicated to almost everything in the world - robots, ancient people, space, space and light, sound, the bowels of the Earth. In each room, guests can conduct experiments on their own, which is especially pleasing to children.

The museum’s halls and expositions are dedicated to certain topics; in addition, you can visit the planetarium, the rain forest, where the landscape of the Amazonian jungle with exotic flora and fauna is recreated. Of particular interest is the hall of matter and the hall dedicated to the emergence of humanity. And in the most terrible hall you can see how hairy spiders and snakes are born.

Ticket price 6 €. For visiting the planetarium and some of the halls you need to pay an additional 6 €. Admission is free for children under 16 years old.

Interesting Facts

  1. In the Bible there is a mention that on Tibidabo Satan tempted Jesus with power over the whole world.
  2. In the Collserola massif, Mount Tibidabo is the highest. From the top of the mountain you can see Barcelona, ​​see the main city artery - Diagonal street.
  3. A huge number of parrots live on the mountain; they were brought here from Argentina.
  4. The amusement park is the oldest not only in Barcelona, ​​but also in Spain.
  5. Local racers, bikers prefer to test their nerves for strength on the l’Arrabassada, which is adjacent to the mountain.
  6. Residents of the Catalan capital claim that only in Tibidabo you can try the most delicious barbecue and a special kind of onion - calots.
  7. At the top of Woody Allen Mountain, he shot wonderful landscape views for Vicky Cristina Barcelona.
Shot from the movie "Vicky Cristina Barcelona"

Practical recommendations for tourists who want to conquer Mount Tibidabo on their own.

  1. First of all, remember that Mount Tibidabo is one of the most popular and visited tourist places. If possible, it is better to plan a trip on a weekday, if this is not possible, try to come to the mountain among the first.
  2. Do not expect too much from the rides from a technical point of view, as they were built, first of all, taking into account the peculiarities of the landscape.
  3. Be prepared that in the offseason, when there are few tourists, the old tram and funicular do not run, so plan a taxi ride or climbing on foot.
  4. The observation deck of the temple was built near the statue of Jesus Christ, a spiral staircase leads to it. If you are afraid of heights, it is better to abandon the rise.
  5. Plan to visit the mountain and all its attractions all day.
  6. What else to visit on Mount Tibidabo: a stone water tower in the shape of a cylinder, built in the Renaissance, the Komokaysha Museum, located at the foot of the mountain, the House of Mirrors, where you can see the illusion of exit, and with the help of special gloves, guests literally feel the way to the exit , Fabra Observatory is one of the oldest in the world, here you can see the stars, observe the planets and even visit the tour, but for this you need to sign up for a group on the site. Fabra Observatory
  7. Remember that some rides let children in not by age, but by height.
  8. There is an information desk at the foot of the hill, here you can get the necessary information.
  9. Bicycle rental is available at the park.
  10. In the summer, from 13-00 to 16-00, it is better to abandon the trip to the mountain due to the intense heat.

Of course, it will not be amiss to repeat the call - to visit Tibidabo (Barcelona). Moreover, it’s not difficult to get here, but you will definitely want to spend more than one day looking at all the corners and sights of the mountain, because here is one of the most beautiful temples in Barcelona, ​​museums, a botanical garden, an amusement park. There may be many for one mountain, however, this is precisely what attracts tourists, causing a desire to return to Barcelona.

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How to get to Tibidabo?

Since, most likely, you will not rent a hotel near Mount Tibidabo, you will first need to get on the brown line of metro number 7. This line is one of 3 lines (L6, L7 and L8) owned by the Government of Catalonia and complementing the existing metro network. These metro lines are called Ferrocarrils (FGC) and are indicated by the letter R on an orange background and this sign. Therefore, do not be embarrassed if you see the entrance to the metro with unfamiliar signs - feel free to come in. Tibidabo is the terminal station on the 7th line.

At the Tibidabo metro station (Avinguda del Tibidabo), take the elevator, as this station is deep and you will have 5 floors to climb the stairs. There is no escalator at this stop.

When you exit the metro across the road, you will see the tram stop of the old Blue Tram (Tramvia Blau). This mode of transport has been operating in Barcelona since 1911! Tram travel costs € 4 one way. TMB tickets are not valid for him. It's not cheap, but it's worth a ride at least in one direction to feel the atmosphere of this ancient mode of transport. If you don’t want to take the tram, you can walk along the rail to Doctor Andreu Square, it will take about 15 minutes, but the road is slightly uphill, so it’s better to take a walk on the way back :) The tram will take you to the funicular. This mode of transport was opened in Barcelona in 1901! A funicular ride costs € 3.5 one way.

If you want to get to Tibidabo directly, without hassle and without using exotic modes of transport, you can do this using the special Tibibus bus (Tibibus, T2), which will take you to the park for € 3. This bus only works during the season and the park. This bus stops at Plaza Catalunya at the intersection of Plaza Catalunya and Rambla Catalonia and at other stops (see map link above).

In the summer, all the institutions on the mountain work from 12 to 22 hours.

Things to do on Tibidabo Mountain

This mountain belongs to the Collserola mountain range, on which there are numerous forests, it is located at 512 meters above sea level and therefore is the best viewing platform in Catalonia. It offers a wonderful view of the Mediterranean Sea and its coast and Barcelona. A lot of binoculars are installed on the mountain for viewing beauties, but Tibidabo is of value to tourists not only because of them, it has a temple and an amusement park on it.

Museum of Robots

He is one of the best in Europe, getting into it you can plunge headlong into the world of interactive adventures and science. In CosmoCaixa, you can press any buttons and set in motion the existing mechanisms, as well as participate in chemical experiments.

Admirers of the heroes Scarlett Johanson and Woody Allen will be able to enjoy the scenery and decor that they saw in the movie "Vicky Cristina Barcelona", as one of her scenes was shot in this museum.

Sacred Heart Cathedral

When climbing to Tibidabo, the first thing that appears before your eyes will be the Temple of the Sacred Heart, designed in the 19th century. It is made in the Gothic style, like most of the ancient buildings of Spain. Its architect Enrique Sannier introduced elements of monumentalism into the general Gothic style. The cathedral impresses not only with its external splendor and large sculpture of Christ installed on the roof of the cathedral, but also with its interior.

To get a better view of the sculpture, you can take the elevator, the hands of the son of God seem to cover all the lands of Catalonia and give protection, which makes you calm and want to stay in this beautiful place longer. Inside the cathedral there are fascinating frescoes and memorable figures of saints, all windows and domes are decorated with amazing stained glass windows.

The view from the platform near the statue of Christ fascinates even more than from the mountain or the television tower.

The facade of the religious building is made as if directed to heaven. You can climb to the statue not only by a paid elevator, but also by a spiral staircase.

Entrance to the cathedral is free, the building is open until late, it closes at 20:00, and opens at 8:30.

Amusement park

It was one of the first to open in Spain, and it happened more than a century ago. For several years there have been huge queues in this amusement park; children have flooded the whole mountain in anticipation of their favorite attractions.

Now it has many roundabouts for young visitors, and adults accompanying them do not have to be bored. The park takes the second place of honor in Europe a long time ago, and on the world stage it is one of the most ancient. Such a stunning view, as with its Ferris wheel, is difficult to find in Spain, it offers a great overview of all the surrounding land and coasts.

The Barcelona amusement park on this mountain is a kind of tribute to ancient entertainments, for lovers of novelty it is worth visiting its modern counterpart - Port Aventura Park.

But for those who come for a romantic walk or take their children with them, a retro swing will appeal to you, because you can hardly ride an exact copy of an airplane flying between Barcelona and Madrid or enjoy the natural splendor from the Ferris wheel.

It is noteworthy that all the old swings were assembled and put into operation when only the first development of electricity occurred. It is difficult to imagine how such large mechanisms were first launched, but they still work properly.

Along with the old attractions in the park, their new counterparts are installed, but they do not represent such value as old carousels or roller coasters.

The entrance to the park is paid, in addition, it does not always work, the schedule can be found on its official website, children who have not yet grown 90 cm can go to the park for free.

In addition to the above-described entertainment on Mount Tibidabo, it is possible to visit the Castle of Tyne, which houses a large-scale collection of slot machines, it also has a voluminous 4-dimensional cinema.

A special highlight of this hill is the rain forest, which occupies about 1 km 2; more than 100 plant species grow in it, among which very rare animals live.

And in conclusion, it is worth mentioning the labyrinth of Laberint d’Horta - a landscape puzzle in which you can even get lost, if this happens, then do not panic, from any passage you can call the watchman who will indicate the correct exit.