Park tērvete sights of Latvia


Wooden sculptures of fairy-tale characters are installed in the Tērvete Nature Park of the state-owned enterprise Latvijas valsts meži, walkways, bridges and bridges are laid across the ancient Tērvete River Valley, which lead to the world of fairy tales created by the Latvian writer Anna Brigadere.

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Tervetsky Nature Park is a great place for families with children and everyone who looks at the world through the eyes of a child and enjoys the harmony of nature and fairy tales. This place will not leave indifferent those who are interested in the history of the ancient Zemgals. Three ancient settlements remind of them in the park to the modern generation.

Rest for the smallest

The youngest visitors to the park will like the Fairytale Forest, the amusement park and the Dwarf Forest. In the Fairytale Forest you can meet not only the heroes of fairy tales and plays by Anna Brigadere - the boy of Spriditis and the giant Lutausis, the Forest King with his retinue, the girl Annele with girlfriends, but also the “living” fairy-tale characters - gnomes, forest sorceress, princess, etc.

Around the Fairytale Forest there is a trail for Mother Forest, along which stands and sculptures telling about natural phenomena are located.

If you get tired of walking, you can ride through the park on the Fairytale Train.

For lovers of outdoor activities

  • We invite you to the picturesque Tervetsky reservoir. Here you can rent a boat for recreational trips and fishing.
  • Ride your bike around the park, do Nordic walking, or just go for a walk.
  • Visit the Green Class - this is a great opportunity to find out who is a friend of the forest and who is the enemy, how to properly care for the trees and wisely manage one of the country's greatest wealth - the forest, as well as get acquainted with the diversity of the living world.
  • You can test your dexterity on the Air Trail - a rope track with obstacles.


The park annually hosts more than 30 events, the most popular of which are the Easter Fair, a night festival in the Fairy Forest or Walpurgis Night, Awakening of a Fairy Tale - opening of the tourist season in spring, Children's Opera Festival and Tale Falling Asleep - closing of the active season.

From November to May, by appointment, the park offers thematic environmental and creative workshops of gnomes for children, and for adults, family groups and honeymooners, various programs along with gnomes or a forest sorceress are offered.

Material liked:

  • Resting with friends in Latvia, we immediately warned that we did not plan trips to museums), complicating the task for them where to take us. On one of the days of a leisurely vacation, they decided to take us to the Tērvete Nature Park, seducing us with acquaintance with Baba Yaga and the village of the Dwarves.
  • Park website:
  • We went into the park as it turned out from the side entrance (if I may say so about the forest), bought tickets and a drawn map of the park. The distances in the park are quite large, plus wooden figures often hide in the bushes, so they could not quickly reach the village of evil spirits. But the time was not wasted))). In the village, it is easier to approach Baba Yaga first, she will give herbal tea brewed at the stake and tell about local attractions (the children were happy).
  • After examining the evil spirits, checking the map, we went to the village of gnomes. As usual, the impure force led us a little in circles, but overshadowing ourselves with everything we could) we broke out onto the road to the dwarves. On the way along the trail obstacles are arranged for the strong in spirit.
  • And finally, we see the gate (there was a strong feeling of the transition from card to card in a comp. Toy)). gnome village. At the beginning, the gnomes come across a little bit, then the companies and then the village itself begins consisting of houses of various sizes with doors from a matchbox to a meter high. There are a lot of houses, you can climb into many. To my regret, I didn’t go through more than one size (there were a couple of options but I was afraid to get stuck, sometimes a big growth is not very convenient)).
  • Back wife, seeing a cart with a horse, categorically refused to go))).
  • I hope that it will be possible to persuade the wives on the next trip to wander around the park again, only on the other side. Yes, you have to walk up and down a lot, so it's better to have comfortable walking shoes.

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Location of Tervete Natural Park, how to get there.

The name of the park was given by the town of Tērvete, next to which there is a large forest with a park.

Tērvete is a small Latvian town with a population of about 5 thousand people. Known in the annals from the beginning of the XIII century, as a significant shopping center of the time when King Namejs created a kingdom in Zemgale, successfully competing with its neighbors in the struggle for influence and power. A hundred years later, the Knights of the Livonian Order built a castle in Tervet, which in turn was destroyed by the Lithuanians in 1445.

Tērvete is known today in Latvia primarily due to the agricultural company that grows agricultural products and breeds thoroughbred horses, as well as the popular Tērvete beer. In the city you can walk among the ruins of an old knight's castle, admire the church built in the 16th century, visit the museum dedicated to the life and work of the writer Anna Brigadere. Here is the well-known health center since the USSR.

And of course, the Tervete Natural Park, where we visited in early June, and about which I am now writing with pleasure. The park is famous in Latvia due to its amazing children's town with wonderful wooden sculptures. We personally made sure that this is a great place for families with children and for adults who know how to look at the world through the eyes of a child, enjoy a wonderful combination of nature and fairy tales. Here, adults have only one problem - how to bring the children to the park for a walk to persuade them to return home.

General information about Tervete Nature Park.

Tervete Nature Park dates back to 1958, when the first walking trails were arranged in the forest. Since 2000, Tervete Nature Park has been under the economic management of the Latvian State Forests. In 2009, the park was recognized as the best European tourist attraction in Latvia.

The area of ​​the Tervete Natural Park is over 1200 hectares, and most of its territory is covered with real forests. In the landscaped part of the park with an area of ​​more than 400 hectares, cultural landscapes and local attractions are located, the Tervete River flows. An extensive network of paths and paths allows pedestrians, cyclists and families with prams to easily get to the sites of inspection. Tervete Nature Park is an ideal place for nature tourism and family vacations.

The flora of the Tervete Natural Park has a unique composition; 72 species of plants that were previously threatened with extinction in Latvia coexist wonderfully and feel great here. The highest pines in Latvia grow in Tērvete Park. Their height reaches 15 meters, and the age of many pines is determined at 300 years. The territory of the Tervete Natural Park serves as the home for many representatives of the Latvian wildlife - birds, reptiles and amphibians.

There is a lot of information in the Information Center of Tērvete Natural Park not only about the possibilities of relaxation in the park itself, but also about the tourist facilities of Tērvete, the Zemgale region and even the whole of Latvia. For the convenience of visitors, the Information Center building serves as the main entrance to the park. There is a ticket office and gift shop, as well as cafes and toilets.

Not far from the main entrance, to the right if you face it is a bike rental point. Rental price Ls 2.00 the first hour and further on one lat. Bicycles are new and of good quality. In our case, it was "MERIDA"

Cycling along forest trails is a great way to keep fit and enjoy the beauty of nature. Most of the trails in the park are covered with gravel, which allows you to enjoy cycling not only in the summer, but also in early spring and late autumn. At the box office of the Information Center of the Tervete Natural Park, there are maps on which trails are most suitable for cyclists.

The most favorite and interesting places of the Tervete Natural Park are “Fairytale Forest”, “Playground” and “Forest of the Dwarves”. On the Internet, I saw information that you will need about three (!) Hours to sightsee the Tervete Natural Park. This is utter nonsense. It took us only half a day to walk around the Fairytale Forest. At least two hours are needed for the children to explore the Playground. And in order to have time before closing in the "Forest of Dwarves" we had to rent bicycles. I am very sorry that we arrived in Tervete Natural Park not early in life.

For young and adults, the “Fairy Train” runs around the park - a small trackless train consisting of a locomotive and two wagons. On a train at the same time 40 visitors can ride.

Fairytale Train Route: Information Center - Dwarf Forest - Fairytale Forest Gate - Playground - Information Center. A trip on a train gives you the opportunity to explore the most popular attractions in the park in a short time. Unfortunately, on the day of our visit to the Tervete Natural Park, the train rested on prevention.

Tērvete Nature Park Address: Tērvetes novads, Tērvetes pagasts, Tērvete, LV-3730. The easiest way to get there is to put in the navigator a route to the center of Tērvete, and in the city you can already follow the signs for "Tērvetes dabas parks". Parking directly next to the main entrance to the Tervete Natural Park is paid, but on the contrary, there is a large free parking on the other side of the highway

The cost of visiting the Tervete Nature Park is Ls 2.20 standard admission ticket, Ls 1.50 for students. You can buy a "Family ticket" - Ls 5.20 (two adults and two children).

Fairytale forest (Forest of fairy tales) Tervete Natural Park.

The fabulous forest of the Tervete Natural Park can be conditionally divided into three parts: the possessions of the Forest King, the possessions of the Boar Witch and the possessions of the Mother of the Forest. In each part of the visitors, a meeting with colorful wooden sculptures awaits, more than a hundred in all. They mainly depict characters created based on the fabulous plays of the Latvian writer Anna Brigadere: the girl Annele with her friends, Forest King, baby Spriditis, giant Lutausis.

In addition to wooden sculptures, in the Tērvete Nature Park, you will also meet with “living” fairy-tale characters. An amazing impression on both children and adults is made by the Borovaya witch, in our Baba Yaga. In the diagram of the Fairytale Forest, her possessions are indicated in blue. Although the world is not a very good fame for witches, the Borovaya Witch is very kind. She has a house where she receives guests, as well as a house on chicken legs, a broom, a take-off platform and an observation tower. Huge spiders and bats inhabit the trees in Witch Forest. The witch tells stories to visitors of the Witch Forest and treats with tea from forest herbs and sweets. Borovaya Witch speaks in many languages, in addition to Latvian and Russian, we heard how she communicated with visitors in German and English.

To get into the possession of the Forest King in Tervete Nature Park you need to climb the hill, but there visitors will meet with the ruler himself and his courtiers. In the diagram of the Fairytale Forest, his possessions are indicated in orange. On the top of the hill, the Forest King, located on a throne of pine logs and watches everything that happens in the forest. Next to him are the figures of his courtiers, also made of wood: security guards, advisers, a treasurer with an impressive chest and messengers. Any visitor to the Fairytale Forest can feel like a prince or princess, sitting on the majestic wooden chairs.

The Kingdom of the Mother of the Forest is the entire Fairy Forest surrounding the possessions of the Forest King and the Boar Witch. In the diagram of the Fairytale Forest, they are indicated in green. Here Mother of the forest teaches to read the Book of Nature. Colorful wooden sculptures accompany colorfully decorated information stands telling about the diverse kingdom of plants and animals.

Anna Brigadere, whose artistic images formed the basis of the exposition of the Tervete Natural Park, is one of the most beloved children of Latvian writers. Anna Brigadere wrote many good poems, theatrical plays, wrote short stories, novels, novels. The fairy-tale plays that are best known and are still being put on are: “Spriditis,” “Maya and Paya,” “Princess Gundega and King Brusabardo,” “The Firebird of Lolita.” A novel from rural life, The Trilogy for the Young, is considered an interesting study of rural life at the end of the 19th century. In this novel, the writer in many ways described her own life in childhood - the life of a peasant girl - the daughter of a farm laborer.

Playground of the Tervete Natural Park.

The playground is the territory of the Tervete Natural Park along the river of the same name, a fairly large area. So the word "site" does not accurately reflect the essence. We got to the Playground leaving the Borovaya Witch’s possessions. This path leads right to the cafe, where you can eat and relax, which we did. The café terrace offers a good view of the Playground.

On the Playground of the Tervete Natural Park, at least three interesting and large objects can be distinguished. This is the Labyrinth, the walls of which are made of thick logs and look like an old palisade behind the palisade of logs. The maze, in principle, is not complicated, of course there are a lot of turns and dead ends, but it passes quickly.

Also, in antiquity, a wooden structure was made, a sort of ancient settlement representing a combination of a sample of wooden architecture and an attraction. Here you can just walk around the levels of the building, climb stairs, and especially temperamental ones can try to climb through special transitions, which are mesh metal pipes.

The greatest interest among children was caused by an obstacle course with ropes, mesh pipes, logs swinging on chains, etc.

Also on the Playground of the Tervete Natural Park there is an open-air stage, there are regular swings, slides for rolling at the fifth point, equipped recreation places for picnics, with benches, tables, awnings and a swing.

Dwarf Forest Tervete Natural Park.

We finished our inspection of the Fairy Forest of Tervete Natural Park by going through the main gate to the main alley, just where the Spriditis trail begins. This is the shortest path connecting the Fairytale Forest to the Dwarf Forest. On this path, Spriditis went on a visit to the little inhabitants of the Dwarf Forest. On it you can get to the Forest of Dwarves directly or through a number of sporting obstacles - here you can climb, crawl and climb.

But we walked so long in the Fairytale Forest and on the Playground that there was simply no time left for walking. The best way out in this situation was to rent a bike and continue your walk through the Dwarf Forest of Tervete Nature Park on two wheels.So we did. We returned to the rental point by a short road, took bicycles and went to visit the dwarves.

The gnome forest of Tērvete Nature Park is a place very popular among children. Here you can meet different gnomes, but only those who love the forest and believe in fairy tales can see them. If this is how you look at life, then in the Forest of Gnomes you can stay in the estates by the Forest Gnome, Underground Gnome, Carpenter Gnome or Milk Gnome, as well as visit the houses of the Ancient Dwarfs.

The most popular of course is the Gnome Miller and his windmill. The house has a gnome bed, a table with flowers, the wings of the mill spin from the wind. Those who wish can help the dwarves and take the wooden bags to the mill.

Near the Mill, across the road there is a "railway" road and a sawmill. There is a trolley on the road where you can ride. The gnome carpenters in the workshop have a workbench with a complete set of carpentry tools. At each home, you can see life-size wooden sculptures of gnomes.

The viewing tower is crowned by the observation tower, from which the wood gnome vigilantly guards the beauty of the forest - it sits on a pine tree, and you will not immediately notice it. Near the Dwarf Village, a whole Mushroom Forest has grown, where each fungus has its own face and character.

And on the very border of the Dwarf Forest stands a tall observation tower, not for the Dwarves, but for the people. You can climb the top of the tower by stairs and look at the Tervete Natural Park from above. I’ll make a reservation right away, from the tower you can look at the immediate surroundings, at fields and farms, and the forest itself is certainly impenetrable for sight. Many pines of the Tervete Natural Park almost reach the height of the observation tower