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The busiest place in town is Terminus Road. It is often played by street musicians and there is always a festive atmosphere. The main shops, souvenir shops and the largest shopping center in Eastbourne, Arndale, concentrated right there. Shopping lovers will not only find familiar brands here, but will also discover many new things. Young people will appreciate trendy clothing at affordable prices in Primark and street style in Animal, sports enthusiasts will not go past JD Sports and Blackes, and adherents of elegance and classics will love Wallis and Dorothy Perkins.

The variety of restaurants, cafes and bistros on Terminus Road will surely awaken your appetite. Here you will find Greek, Italian, Mexican, Japanese and Indian cuisines. You can taste the British traditions in the restaurants Bill’s, Duke Of Devonshire, as well as in the confectionery Neates Cakery.

Have fun on the waterfront and Eastbourne Pier

The sea and sunny weather are the two main reasons for Eastbourne's popularity. So, do not miss the opportunity to fully enjoy them. The peak of the beach season occurs in August, when the water temperature reaches 20 degrees. Perhaps we are accustomed to the warmer seas, but the British never miss the opportunity to plunge and soak up the sun. Fans of more active leisure can rent a kayak or do paddle boarding (surfing with a paddle).

After water procedures, take a walk along the boardwalk. You can have a bite to eat right there: fresh pastries, ice cream, hot and cold drinks are sold in the stalls. Be sure to check out the city pier - a business card and Eastbourne's main attraction. Since 1872, it has been a favorite vacation spot for citizens and tourists, offering a wide variety of entertainment: slot machines, children's attractions, a cafe, a restaurant and even a night club.

Peek into a traditional English pub

There are many pubs and other establishments in the center of Isbourne. However, in search of real traditions, you should go inland to High Steet, where The Lamb Pub is located. Opened back in 1180, it is the oldest pub in Eastbourne and one of the oldest in the whole country. Today, The Lamb is one of Eastbourne's attractions. It is famous for its excellent service, varied menus and, of course, delicious beers.

Rate the natural attractions of Eastbourne

The snow-white chalk cliffs towering over the English Channel leave an unforgettable impression on visitors to Eastbourne. The highest point is Cape Beachy Head: the height of the cliff reaches 162 meters. To the west of Beachy Head are the chalk cliffs of Seven Sisters Cliffs, which, together with the adjacent fields and the beach, constitute a park of the same name. Emerald hills, endless sea horizons, a lonely lighthouse among the waves and a barely perceptible noise of the surf make you feel at the edge of the world.

Inspect Eastbourne Redoubt

During the Napoleonic Wars, Eastbourne was considered by the British authorities as one of the most strategically important cities for the country's defense. Therefore, a powerful ring fortress - a redoubt - was erected here for defense in the event of an attack by the French troops. In 1977, a real military museum opened in the fortress, by the way, one of the largest in the UK. The vast territory of the redoubt often acts as an arena for historical reconstructions. Expositions are open from April to November.

Attend event

The fact that the inhabitants of Eastbourne do not like to be bored is clearly indicated by the local event poster. Festivals, exhibitions, tours, performances, concerts, film screenings and much more - everyone will find here a way to have fun.

Eastbourne's most famous event is the Airbourne Airshow. Every year in mid-August, the coastline turns into an open-air auditorium. Thousands of British and guests of the Kingdom come to the city to see a breathtaking performance and appreciate the power of aircraft and the skill of pilots. The program of the event also includes live music, attractions, the performance of the British military, thematic exhibitions and other entertainments.

Eastbourne is a great place to spend a weekend, as well as for a long pastime. If you are considering visiting the United Kingdom with the goal of improving English, pay attention to the language schools of Eastbourne: their level is not inferior to metropolitan centers. And the warm climate and friendly atmosphere will make your vacation in England truly sunny!

What to see in Eastbourne

Regardless of whether you came to Eastbourne for the whole vacation, for a week, or if you are traveling here, only 1 day, we will help you choose the most interesting places. There is something to see here - for example, sights, you will find information about each place from us: from the time of work to a detailed description with photos. Below is a list of the best places in Eastbourne, based on the rating and user reviews of our site. You can also take part in the ranking of places by leaving your review and rating. This will help our future users to choose what is interesting to see in Eastbourne.

Eastbourne Redoubt and Martello Towers

Eastbourne, located on the south coast, is more popular as a seaside resort. But in its history there were difficult times when the city played an important role in the defense of the country. During the Napoleonic Wars, almost the entire coast of Great Britain consisted of fortifications that were supposed to protect. read more

Lighthouse Hotel Belle Tu

A couple of hours drive from the capital of foggy Albion at an altitude of more than 150 meters above the sea there is a beautiful natural attraction - snow-white cliffs caressed by a cold surf. This miracle of nature is called Cape Seven Sisters, on its top is a lighthouse hotel. At the coast. read more

Beachy Head is called the chalk cliff, which is located near the city of Eastbourne, to be more precise, in the county of East Sussex. She is the highest rock of Great Britain. Its height is a little over 160 meters. Chalk in these places formed almost 100 million years ago. read more

Eastbourne is located in East Sussex on the English Channel. This small town is known throughout the country for its sandy beaches, the gentle and warm sea, as well as a developed entertainment infrastructure.

Accurate data on the appearance on the territory of a modern city of the first settlements are not in the archives. Therefore, it is difficult to say which year to consider as the date of foundation. For a long time, Eastbourne was a small fishing village, created from the union of several rural settlements. Over time, the village grew, and Eastbourne officially with Tal city. From the moment the railway was brought to the city, Eastbourne became the main resort center, and remains to this day.

Currently, about 100 thousand people live in the city. Although it is worth noting that in the summer season the population of the city rises sharply to 250-300 thousand people. By the way, every summer an air show is held in the city, which lasts at least 4 days. This event attracts many visitors from other countries of the world.

Climatic features

The city is located in a coastal climate zone, with a characteristic mild winter and warm, non-hot summer. In January, the thermometer columns drop to + 6⁰C, in July the air warms up to + 20 ... + 22⁰C as much as possible. In the fall, the rainy season begins and the largest number falls in October. The most favorable weather for relaxing in the resort is from the end of April to September - at this time the excursion program can be combined well with sunbathing and swimming in the sea. In the middle of summer, the English Channel warms up to + 19 ... + 21⁰C, so a lot of families with children come to local beaches from different parts of the country.

What to see

The main attraction of Eastbourne, the photo of which is in the treasury of every traveler, is the chalk cliff of Beachy Head, 162 meters high. This is the highest cliff of Great Britain; its white arches have long served as a guide for sailors. At the end of the XIX century, at the foot of the mountain, work began on the construction of the Bel-Tu lighthouse.

No less popular with tourists is the Eastbourne Redoubt, which is a fortress built in the first half of the 19th century in order to defend the coast from an attack by Napoleon Bonaparte's army. The fortification called the Martello Tower has a round shape and powerful stone walls, and at the very top there is a special platform for artillery weapons. In total, several similar fortifications remained on the southern coast of the country. During the First and Second World Wars, weapons were stored in the Eastbourne Redoubt. In 1977, a military museum was opened here, the largest in the south of Great Britain.

Young travelers will especially enjoy a visit to the Drusilla Park, which has a petting zoo where children can socialize with various animals and learn a lot about them. Also for kids of different ages, thematic playgrounds, talking telescopes and vibrant information brochures are provided. Do not pass by the Miniature Adventure Park. Here you can ride small steam locomotives, go fishing on the lake and get a lot of impressions from the walk.

A lot of tourists come to the city for the annual air festival, which takes place over 4 days. At this time, the number of guests in the resort is almost doubled. Another event that contributes to a large influx of travelers at the beginning of summer is the international women's tennis tournament, held in June since 1974.