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Golden Sands Map

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About Golden Sands

Golden Sands is the most famous Bulgarian resort. It is located only 18 km from Varna, so those who do not want to spend time on a long shuttle are often choosing holidays here.

An ancient legend is associated with the name of the resort. They say that pirates buried a gold treasure on the coast. However, the Bulgarian land did not want to accept stolen treasures and gold, taken by force, and turned it into sand. So on the coast appeared an amazing beach with fine golden sand.

Golden Sands is not only amazing wide beaches, but also lush vegetation, mountain terraces. This resort is a great choice for families with young children.

Climate and weather Golden Sands

Golden Sands has a special microclimate created by the sea, mountains and southern vegetation. The holiday season opens in May and lasts until October. Sudden changes in the weather do not happen. The best time to relax in Golden Sands can be called the first summer months and the "velvet" season - September and early October.

In the afternoonAt nightSeaSeason

Beaches and the sea of ​​Golden Sands

The beach in the Golden Sands resort is its main asset. This is 3.5 kilometers of amazing golden sand washed by the gentle waters of the Black Sea. The beach is incredibly wide - almost 100 meters in the widest place. There is definitely enough space for everyone. The beach was awarded the Blue Flag for the purity of water and the coastal area. The entrance to the water is gentle enough, the bottom is clean. For young children, there are plots with "paddling pools".

Life is boiling on the beach - in addition to sunbathing and swimming, here you can find a thousand activities. Beach volleyball, banana riding, water skiing and motorbiking, parasailing, windsurfing, diving, snorkeling - this is not a complete list of attractions on the Golden Sands beach. There are playgrounds with animators, cafes and restaurants, discos, tennis courts, paddles for mini-golf - everything your heart desires!

Golden Sands Attractions

In addition to a beach holiday, Golden Sands can offer tourists a palette of cultural entertainment. Golden Sands Park is a great way to spend time while the sun is at its zenith. Take a walk along the shady alleys, looking at the inhabitants of the park - sly squirrels, timid deer, colorful birds. If you're lucky, meet the turtle. The park has benches and gazebos, springs, barbecue areas.

Lovers of outdoor activities on Golden Sands expanse: you can do tennis, bowling, water skiing, surfing, basketball, mini-golf, motor boating and parachuting. The whole family can go on a yacht tour along the coast or go sea fishing. With children it is worth visiting the water park "Aquapolis" and various theme parties in children's clubs on the coast.

Those who want to get acquainted with the history of the country are recommended to visit the chapel of St. John the Baptist and the two-tier rock monastery Aladzha. It is located just 14 km from Varna, you can get there by sightseeing bus. The modern name - Aladzha - translated from Turkish means "colorful, multi-colored." This name was given to the monastery by the Ottoman Turks, having seen murals and murals on the walls of the monastery. The monastery is divided into two parts - rock and underground. The rocky part of the monastery was only partially preserved - at a height of 40 m there is a chapel, cells, some utility rooms. But the underground, also called the Catacombs, has been preserved a little better. The catacombs are 800 meters from the monastery and are three-level caves.

You can also go to the reserve “Broken Stones”. These are hefty stone figures up to 10 meters high and up to three metros in girth, picturesquely scattered throughout an area of ​​about 100 square meters. Bizarre forms of stones helped the locals give them the names: Family, Soldier, Monk, Throne. In addition to incredible landscapes, mystical properties are attributed to the place.