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General information

Kumarakom, located 16 km west of Kottayama, is an island on Lake Vembanad. Although it is in the midst of a confusion of canals with lush tropical vegetation shores, it is easily accessible from Kottayama by bus (every 10 minutes). The best time to visit the Bird Sanctuary, which can no longer be approached by boat since the canals are overgrown with African moss, is the period between November and March, when it serves as a wintering place for many species of migratory birds, some of which have flown from such distant areas as Siberia. Among the many species, you can name a snake-snake, or a snake bird, a small cormorant, a heron, a golden-backed woodpecker, a black-headed cuckoo, a white-chested coot and a magpie. Bird lovers should visit the reserve at dawn, when it is still very quiet and easier to see its inhabitants, and the first sun's rays piercing the lush tropical crowns form unusually beautiful highlights. Although the island is very small, it is useful to have a guide, you can hire it through the KTDC Water Scapes hotel or any other upscale hotel.

Near the reserve, in a coastal garden, there is a restored colonial bungalow that once belonged to a family of Christian missionaries and rubber planters, and now forms the core of the luxurious hotel The Taj Garden Retreat. It has a couple dozen “cottages” scattered around the landscaped garden, and a long boat, kettu vallam, as well as a direct approach to the lake. However, he is far from the very hospitable and underestimated Coconut Lagoon Hotel, located 1 km to the north-west, which can be reached by boat (you can call to send a boat for you from the pier on the canal). Superbly crafted from fragments of ruined Keralan palaces, trimmed with fine wood carvings and copper ornaments, this building is worth a visit. It was designed in the traditional Keralan style and its restrained elegance perfectly emphasizes its ideal location on the edge of Lake Wembanad. Even if you cannot afford to stay here, try Keralan specialties at the local restaurant.

Recently, another competitor has appeared - Kumarakom Lake Resort, located 3 km from the village right in front of the Taj Hotel. In this luxurious establishment, the concept of a resort hotel built on the basis of the old building has been taken to extremes, with two beautiful 300-year-old palaces recreated on its territory and ultra-chic cottages built from parts of old Keralan houses, each of which is adjacent to an outdoor open bathroom in a small green garden. The local Ayurvedic center has two doctors, four massage rooms, and the pool is equipped with a jacuzzi and water is poured from it into the lake. Nearby, right on the lake, is the slightly cheaper KTDC Water Scapes Hotel, which consists of comfortable air-conditioned cottages built on stilts. Unfortunately, very few of them have decent views of the lake, and there are too many ugly metal passages and buildings in front of the lake, however, this hotel is very conveniently located in relation to the bird sanctuary. Alternatively, you can take a walk on the lake at one of the luxury hotel kettu vallams moored here (book through the hotel). If your funds are limited, take advantage of the beautiful Moolappura Guest House, which is located just 200 meters in front of the bus stop next to the Taj Hotel, which has only two simple rooms with built-in bathrooms in the family house. The family is very friendly and welcoming, they offer walks on their hollowed shuttles, and one of her shuttles is a professional chef who prepares delicious Keralan and European dishes.

In addition to hotels, the only place to eat is the not-so-attractive KTDC cafe in the Tourist Complex, located where buses from Kottayama arrive, near the entrance to Taj.

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