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Last modified 10/27/2018

Antwerp is the second largest city in Belgium, followed by Brussels. An important industrial, transport and tourist center. But probably most of all the city is known as the diamond capital of the world. You can buy jewelry here at every step, even in the trading shop at the station.

In the city of Antwerp, famous artists were born - Van Dyck, Rubens, Brueghel and others.

Bright, colorful, vibrant city! Where you can spend time, both in museums and breathe in nightlife.

How to get to Antwerp

A quick and convenient way to get from Brussels is by rail. Travel time is about 45-55 minutes. The trains depart every half hour. Cost from 6 euros. But there are many benefits and promotions. About which you can in more detail here.

Another easy way to come to Antwerp is to use intercity and international buses. A great number of them travel through Antwerp, so from the nearest city and countries you will get straight here. The most famous budget bus company FlixBus. The price is lower than in rail, but no one is safe from traffic jams.

Bus prices from 3.99 euros. Please note that there are three stops along the route, so see which one will be most convenient for you.

And of course, you can use a car rental and get to the city at any time from any city. You can pick an option on

Including, any of these methods can be used to get directly from Brussels airport to Antwerp without making a change in the capital.

Where to stay in Antwerp

Many choose Antwerp as their place of deployment. Close to Brussels, Ghent, Bruges. An important railway junction allows you to leave in the right direction at almost any time. But housing here is much cheaper than in the capital.

True, the bulk of hotels and apartments are located near the central station. Although the station is not far from the city center. In the historical center it is still better to book accommodation as soon as you decide that you will live in Antwerp.

Choose the hotels you need on the website

But if you decide to save on housing by staying in a neighboring city, then you can save even more if you rent apartments from local residents. For example, through the verified website airbnb. You are given a discount of 25 euros on your first reservation! It was in Belgium that we met with this type of service and now use it regularly.

Antwerp landmarks

If you used the railway transport and arrived at the central station, then do not rush to leave the building, look around, look at it inside and out! No wonder it is called one of the main attractions of the city. The unique architecture makes the station one of the most beautiful in the world.

You should start your acquaintance with this magnificent city from the main square of the old city - Grote Markt. The square has a trapezoidal shape, along the edges of which are located important city buildings. Including the famous Town Hall. It was built in 1561-1565. The most recognizable building of Antwerp with many different state flags on it. Now it houses the city hall. In the middle of the square stands the Brabo Fountain.

Immediately on the square, pay attention to the buildings of the Guilds, which housed groups of artisans and merchants. One of the most memorable is the Butcher's House, where the guild of merchants sat. The house is named so because it is built of red brick and light stone very much like a piece of meat with veins.

Not far from the square is the main shrine of the city - the Cathedral of Our Lady of Antwerp. The highest cathedral in Belgium. Be sure to go inside. This is not just a Catholic cathedral, but also a museum. Including here are stored paintings of the most famous local artist of world renown - Peter Rubens. Entrance inside is paid, but during the hours when services are held, you can go to the cathedral for free. Just please do not interfere with the service. The cathedral is protected by UNESCO.

On the other side of the old town square, by the Scheldt River, you will see the Castle of Walls. One of the first stone structures in the city. The castle was built in the XIII century for the defense of the city. For a long time there is a prison. Now there is a navigation museum.

From the Castle of Walls, do not be too lazy to go to the building of the An de Storm Museum, which translates as a museum on the river. The museum is quite young, opened only in 2011 and has an unusual shape. Even if you do not want to see the expositions, there is a free observation deck on the roof of the museum.

Be sure to go to the other side of the river through an unusual bridge, the tunnel of St. Anne. It is notable for the fact that it passes under the Scheldt River at a depth of 31 meters, and stretches as much as 572 meters. The promenade offers stunning views of the old city and the Cathedral of Our Lady of Antwerp.

To come to Antwerp and not to visit the Rubens House is a real crime. The famous artist lived and worked in this house. Here you will see not so much a picture as the life of that time. What surrounded and inspired the artist. Beautiful baroque mansion with access to the garden.

Rubens House is located at Wapper, 9-11. Opening hours and cost can be found on the official website.

If you travel with children, then be sure to go to the Antwerp Zoo. It is located behind the building of the central railway station and dates back to 1843.

For connoisseurs and art lovers, we recommend visiting the Museum of Fine Arts, which has a rich collection of paintings.

Another famous art museum that grew out of a private family collection is the Mayer van den Berg Museum.

Meir Street is the main shopping street of the city, where you can not only walk, but also update the wardrobe well. Here you can still see the oldest skyscraper in Europe, a monument to the palm of your hand and a monument to Antonis Van Dyck.

We also mention the suburbs of Antwerp, where you can go if you have time. And we are now talking, not about neighboring cities: Brussels Ghent and Bruges, but about the nearest suburbs.

Middelheim Park. This is an entire sculpture museum located in the open. Entrance to the park is free. You can take food with you and have a picnic in the park. How to get to the park from the nearest place you can see here

The magnificent Sterkshof Castle, located 6 kilometers from Antwerp, is also included in your program. Now there are no exhibitions in it, but the beautiful park around the castle compensates for this drawback.

Restaurants, cafes, pubs and bars of Antwerp

This includes not only information about where to eat, but also the entire unofficial part of the cultural program of Antwerp, because the city is famous for its restless nightlife.

Advising any specific places is inappropriate here. It is better to focus on what exactly you want to eat.

In the Old Town you will find cafes and restaurants for every taste and budget. Perhaps the main street in this section is De Keyserlei. Here you can find not only Belgian dishes, but also cuisines from around the world. Do you want your favorite Italian pasta, you are here, spicy Mexican food, if you please, unusual Lebanese dishes are also here.

There is also a whole area called Chinatown. There are mainly establishments with oriental cuisine. The area is located near the central station. Conditional entrance to the streets of Chinatown is guarded by two lions.

Well, the evening program can be easily chosen to your taste: whether you want dancing or just drink beer or cocktails. Few people know, but Antwerp has its own red light district. As a guide, use Verversrui Street.

Mention the famous traditional Belgian pubs with local beer:

Den Engel is probably the most famous pub in Antwerp. A good indicator is that it is popular with local residents. The pub is located in the heart of Antwerp, on the Grote Markt square.

Bier Central, located next to the train station at De Keyserlei 25. With over 300 local beers.

Famous Kulminator Family Pub. It is kept by an elderly couple who, with their friendliness, give an unforgettable atmosphere to the establishment. Be prepared for the fact that the beer menu can be flipped endlessly, so it’s better to immediately say what you want and listen to the advice.

The feature of the institution is that they have beers produced in different years. But this does not mean that the institution is expensive. Prices are average in the city.

Address: Vleminckveld 32.

But not only Belgium is famous for beer, they also have such a drink - Enever. This is a strong alcoholic beverage infused with juniper. Something like juniper vodka, or English gin. The most popular restaurant where you can taste many varieties of Yenever-De Vagant. The bar is located at Reyndersstraat 25.

When we traveled to Belgium, we stayed overnight in Brussels and Bruges. The next time, Antwerp will be the favorite. And what will happen next time, I have no doubt, it hurts deliciously and beautifully here.

Plunge into the world of fashion

The city boasts one of the oldest academies of fine arts and one of the most famous fashion colleges in the world. Many graduates of the Antwerp Fashion Department of the Royal Academy of Art are among the leading designers of world fashion. Once a year in June, students of contemporary fashion showcase their work during a fashion show. In addition, fashion lovers from Belgium and from abroad should visit the Antwerp MoMu Fashion Museum, where two thematic exhibitions are held every year dedicated to the work of a particular designer or a specific aspect of fashion.

There are many workshops and fashion stores in Antwerp where talented professionals from Antwerp and other places work. The picture of the fashion world will be incomplete without leading fashion boutiques and exclusive concept stores. Therefore, Antwerp is considered to be an excellent city for fashionable shopping.

Learn more about shopping and exhibitions at the Fashion Museum, as well as about Antwerp designers and college graduates.

Shopping until you drop!

Antwerp is amazing shopping! In the Antwerp Fashion Walk directory you will find information about the most famous and original fashion stores found on various tourist routes Or be inspired by the latest fashion news in the Antwerp Fashion group on Facebook.


The first route runs through the environs of ModeNatie, known as the “heart of Belgian fashion” since Dris van Noten opened his Modepaleis store on Nationalestraat. At the same time, several avant-garde designers and shops settled down the street. Kamenstraat (Kammenstraat) - this is the name of the alley going from the Nationalistrat. There are shops offering the latest collections in the style of street fashion.


For several years now, the South (Het Zuid) has been called the most fashionable area of ​​Antwerp. In the museum area, within walking distance of ModeNatie, you will find numerous restaurants, bars, galleries, as well as designer, vintage, antique and concept stores. In the Museum Quarter, within walking distance of ModeNatie, you will find numerous restaurants, bars, galleries, as well as designer, vintage, antique and concept stores.


Meir is the most significant shopping street in Antwerp, which houses many branded clothing and footwear stores of most of the most famous international brands. This large street on the fourth route has a special place. For several years now, the famous elegant “stadsfeestzaal” (the reception hall of the city) has been opened on Meir.


The area around Schuttershofstraat is known to Antwerp city dwellers as the Latin Quarter. It sells mainly international luxury brands. In the Wilde Zee quarter, located along Lombardenvest Street, the works of the first Belgian designers were sold in the eighties.

Fashion in Antwerp in the mobile application

In the free mobile application FASHION IN ANTWERP, lovers of (inter) national fashion will learn more about Antwerp fashion. Here you can find not only historical facts about Antwerp fashion, but also exclusive photographs, get acquainted with the history of the academy, designers, read recommendations from fashion professionals from around the world.

Tourists can explore the city with five thematic routes, one of which passes through the “hot spots” of fashion, and get unique information about fashion in Antwerp.

Recommendations from international fashion experts, exclusive footage from the archives of the Fashion Museum, the Felixarchief city archive and various photo archives, video materials filmed behind the scenes of several fashion houses, and tips from fantastic guides such as Diana von Furstenberg, Dirk Van Saen, An Vandevorst, Diana Perne , Kaat Debo and Tim Van Steenbergen, make this app absolutely indispensable.

By plane

4 km south-east of the city center, in the outskirts of Deurne, is the international airport of Antwerp, which receives a small number of flights from London, Liverpool, Dublin, Manchester and some other cities (with a change in London).

You can get to the airport by regular bus or taxi.

Search for flights to Brussels (nearest airport to Antwerp)

Antwerp Main Station (Centraal Station) is 1.5 km from the historic city center. Another - Berchem - is located 2 km southeast of the main station. From there, trains depart every half an hour to Brussels (7-16 EUR, 40 minutes), Ghent (8-12 EUR, 45 minutes), Mechelen (5-11 EUR, 20 minutes), and every hour to Bruges (12-18 EUR, 1 hour 20 minutes), Hasselt (15-18 EUR, 1.5 hours) and Lira (4-7 EUR, 15 minutes).

Prices on the page are for September 2018.

Antwerp Railway Station is almost the main architectural attraction of the city. This marble-glass building is truly amazing, especially when you walk through its shopping gallery of 30 jewelry boutiques, invitingly shining with bruliks from velvet pillows.

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    Despite the fact that the historic center of Antwerp, which stretches for 1.5-2 km, is much more pleasant to walk on foot, the city is connected by an excellent public transport network consisting of buses, trams and a pre-metro (premetro is a tram that partially runs underground).

    A route map can be obtained free of charge at company kiosks and information desks located at Diamant station near the railway station, at Groenplaats and Franklin Rooseveltplaats. Opening hours: 8: 00-16: 00 on weekdays, Groenplaats also on Saturdays from 9:00 to noon.

    Both city (stad) and surrounding (streek) buses leave from major bus stations at Franklin Rooseveltplaats and Koningin Astridplein. The fare for all modes of transport is the same - a ticket for one hour costs about 2.60 EUR. A ticket for 5 trips will cost 15 EUR, and for 7 trips (lijnkaart) - 18 EUR. Public transport hours: from 6:00 to midnight. On Fridays and Saturdays, a night bus runs nachtlijn.

    Taxis can also be used; their parking can be found at Groenplaats, at the exit of the railway station and at Koningin Astridplein. Or call Antwerp Taxi at 03-238-38-38. From 22:00 to 6:00 you will have to pay an additional 2.5 EUR for an overnight trip.

    Shopping & Stores

    The main shopping alley of the city is Meir Street, which stretches from Keyserlei, which is near the railway station, to Groenplaats Square. This is one of the best places in all of Belgium for quality and expensive shopping. The streets of Hopland and Schuttershofstraat sheltered luxury boutiques on their facades, such as Cartier, Hermes, Scapa, Armani. You can also stroll along Huidevettersstraat, Nationalestraat, and Kammenstraat (all located near Meir), where Belgian designer shops with exclusive outfits, such as Walter van Beirendonck or Dries van Noten, are located. There is also a Design Museum.

    In a good way, diamonds should be brought from Antwerp. You can find them almost everywhere, even at the railway station, where a gallery of 30 jewelry stores is located. Or head to a huge diamondland. You can get there only during a group tour (including in Russian), which lasts 45 minutes, and completely free of charge. In a huge gallery store with an area of ​​1000 square meters.m you can see diamonds of unimaginable colors and sizes, beauty and elegance. Of course, buying a souvenir is not forbidden. If finances do not allow you to buy real “glitter”, you can take fake, but very tasty: the real “Belgian diamond” of chocolate art - pralines. For example, in the store Burie (Korte Gasthuisstraat, 3), Château Blanc (Torfbrug, 1) or Del Rey (Appelmansstraat, 5).

    Cozy antique shops are sheltered on Kloosterstraat. In Chinatown, 300 meters north of the railway station, you can search for products and souvenirs in Japanese, Korean or Chinese style.

    In addition, a market opens at Theaterplein Square near the theater every weekend in the city. Here you can buy almost everything: fresh vegetables and fruits, meat, fish, nuts, cheese, bicycles, antiques, clothes, etc. There is also a Friday market at Vrijdagmarkt (from 9:00 to 13:00), a Saturday antique market ( from 9:00 to 17:00) and Sunday antique market (from 9:00 to 17:00).

    And at Ploegstraat, 25, there is a Give-away shop where you can leave your own and choose any other things without any monetary transactions. Opening hours: Mon-Fri 14: 00-18: 00.

    Cuisine and restaurants

    All Belgians (as well as Dutch and French) know that the real french fries were invented precisely from them, and not at all in America, as most of the inhabitants of Russia think. Therefore, every self-respecting Antwerp is immensely proud of the old fritkoten (freakoten), where you can buy fried, hot, crisp potatoes for a small fee. Pitas (or shawarma) and sandwiches were and remain a popular snack.

    The highlights of Antwerp cuisine include strong beer De Koninck, small biscuits or chocolates that fit in the palm of your hand - handjes (they were first made by a local Jewish confectioner in 1932) and Elixir d’Anvers liquor.

    Pubs and bars of Antwerp

    Wherever you are in Antwerp, the pub will certainly be in the neighborhood. And in 99 cases out of 100 it will be very worthwhile, however, the best institutions of the city should not be ignored. Antwerp's most famous traditional pub located on the Grote Markt is Den Engel. Immediately after him is the popularity of De Vagant, where guests are offered 300 varieties of "Enever." You can drop by the De Muze Jazz Cafe on Melkmarkt Square. Here, Belgian beer and Italian coffee are equally tasty.

    700 types of beer, excellent prices, friendly atmosphere offers a bar with a talking name Kulminator (Vleminckveld, 32). Perhaps it is in it that the culmination of your evening will happen, so the main thing is to leave strength to reach the hotel. Run to Paeters Vaetje at Cathedral Square to sample one of the 100 local beers. Cafe with medieval décor - De Pelgrom on Pelgrimsstraat. And in Kassa4, which is located in the student quarter, it is always noisy and fun (Ossenmarkt). Another typical Antwerp pub - Den Hovenier - is located near the Church of St. Jacob.

    Attractions and attractions of Antwerp

    The main attractions of the city: the Royal Museum of Art, the Mayer-Van-Den-Berg Museum - the so-called “Jewelry Museum”, Plantin Moretus Museum, Rubens House Museum, Brabo Fountain (19th century), Onze-Lieve-Vrowe Cathedral, Antwerp Zoo , Academy of Fine Arts, Fashion Academy. Read more about the exhibitions and galleries of the city on the page "Antwerp Museums".

    Sten Castle, located in the harbor of Antwerp, was one of the first stone buildings in 1200. For centuries, it has been both a prison and an archaeological museum. Now it has opened the National Maritime Museum. Thousands of tourists are attracted by the Hoogstraat pedestrian street, the Rocks House, the central square of Grote Markt, the picturesque promenade and the Scheldt South Terrace.

    In the Middelheim park in the vicinity of Antwerp there is an open-air museum, where landscape compositions and an entire exposition of modern sculpture are spread on a giant lawn. The ancient Fort VII has been turned into a natural nature reserve park, populated by many diverse representatives of the local flora and fauna.

    Night life

    The city has enough restaurants, bars, pubs, night clubs and other entertainment venues. So absolutely everyone will enjoy the nightlife of Antwerp - beer lovers, thirsty dancers, and fans of calm chill outs with sophisticated cocktails on the menu. The north of the city can offer tourists a lot of authentic and fun clubs: Red & Blue, Nanno sur l’O, Pure, D-Club, Noxx or Café d’Anvers, where the best parties are held in Belgium.

    Antwerp south is jazz. No, more precisely, even that is jazz, baby. Incendiary, funny or lyrical, look for it in Stereo Sushi, Cafe Local, Buddha bar or Petrol. And all the establishments are within walking distance, so you can walk from one to another at least all night long. The city center is the patrimony of fans to sit in pubs or restaurants. It is more calm, but also more picturesque. Advising something does not make sense, just get the support of a taxi and do not deny yourself anything.