Madeira: what is worth visiting and doing? TOP 10 best sights of the island


Madeira is a picturesque Portuguese island, surrounded by greenery and striking with its natural beauties. It is located in the Atlantic Ocean, 1,000 kilometers southwest of Portugal. More than 500 kilometers from the island to the nearest mainland. Madeira is famous for its wonderful mild climate, due to the washing of the island by the warm Gulf Stream.

Tourism is one of the most important areas of this region; people come here for adventures, recreation, sports and new experiences. Sunny Island is ready to offer each guest a wide range of tourist services.

Today we show the 10 main attractions of the beautiful and remote island of Madeira:

The capital of Madeira is recognized as one of the most comfortable and safe cities to live in Portugal. The main attraction of the capital is the Sao Tiago fortress, which was built 500 years ago in order to protect against pirate attacks. Now that the pirates no longer threaten the walls of the cities, an art museum has been opened in the fortress building.

In Funchal is the oldest temple on the island - the Cathedral of the Virgin Mary. Experienced tourists highly recommend including a wine museum, a casino and a market in the old part of the city in the program of walks.

Pictured: Cathedral of Our Lady of Funchal

National reserve

Madeira's nature is unique, and in order to preserve such beauty, a national reserve was created on the island in 1982. Its territory occupies 60% of the island’s area, the park is divided into thematic zones, some of them are strictly protected, while others have hotels and tourism is allowed.

Judging by the reviews of tourists, Madeira National Park is one of the most beautiful and fabulous places in the world. Beautiful nature, clean air and a mild climate positively affect the nervous system of tourists, relaxing and blowing consciousness into a fairy tale. Here you can walk, enjoy the nature of the park, well-groomed alleys, beautiful flower beds with exotic flowers, as well as explore the island's fauna.

Porto Moniz

It is a small town in the northwestern part of the island. Its main highlight is natural volcanic pools, which are very popular with both locals and guests of the island. Also in Porto Moniz it is worth visiting the old port, which now has an aquarium with sea fish, and a center of modern science.

Cape Girao

The cliff of Cape Girao is the highest cliff in Europe. An observation deck at the top of the cliff is very popular among tourists, it offers incredible views of the ocean and the island's capital, and in clear weather you can even see whales swimming in the ocean. The very way to Cape Girao by cable car in a glass booth is an unforgettable adventure.

In the photo: the observation deck on top of Cabo Girao

Madeira Airport

Flying to Madeira is an adventure, especially landing at the airport, which is considered one of the most extreme in the world. The runway at this airport is not a stretch of asphalt, but a 3 km long water bridge. Moreover, when landing, it is impossible to see the bridge from afar, first the pilot has to aim the course at the mountains, and then abruptly go into the landing strip. The sight is not for the faint of heart.

Faha dos Padres

In the south of Madeira there is a small village, which can only be reached by cable car. Judging by the photo, the road here is also a special adventure. The first settlers of Faha dos Padres were monks who quickly mastered the land and engaged in winemaking.

Vineyards on the hillsides are still grown here, in addition to this, rare vegetables and fruits grow in this part of the island that are not found in other parts of Madeira.

There are no attractions as such in this village, people come here for an atmosphere of freedom and proximity to nature.

Travelers who are keen on surfing, having flown to Madeira, first of all go to this fishing village. Here the highest waves on the island, so in 2001, Paul do Mar was honored to host the world championship in surfing.

In summer, it is very crowded, surfboards are everywhere on the beach. And in the off-season the village becomes empty, you can stroll along the beach without too much fuss, try freshly caught seafood at an attractive price and enjoy beautiful views from the top of the hills.

Ponta do Sol

This is the sunniest resort in a radius of 500 kilometers, it is always a little warmer here than in the rest of the island. The beaches at the resort are rocky, but this does not stop lovers of a relaxing beach holiday from coming here. By the way, about- the most beautiful beaches in the world, has interesting material for you.

This place is also very interesting for divers, they are attracted to a ship that sank many years ago at the bottom of the ocean. Excursions to the ship are arranged by all local diving schools.

This is probably the most colorful place in Madeira, the feature of this small town is triangular houses made of stone and straw. For those who want to get acquainted with the traditions and history of Madeira, a theme park is open here.

Every year a folklore festival takes place in which collectives from different parts of Portugal take part.

Santana has one of the highest peaks of the island - Pico Ruivu, which is famous for its steep panoramic views.

Attractions Madeira

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Madeira Airport

The airport of Madeira Island is one of the largest and most extreme Portuguese airports with a runway built in the form of a bridge on the water with a length of 2,777 meters. The landing strip stands on 180 columns, which have a height of 80 meters. Under the landing strip is parking. Flights from this airport are regularly made to the cities of Germany, Vienna, London, Paris, Gran Canaria, Manchester, Caracas, Oslo and other European cities.

This airport is included in the list of the most dangerous airports in the world, because the pilot, before approaching, must first head towards the mountains, and then abruptly enter the runway. Unsuccessful landing attempts resulted in numerous accidents that occurred on Madeira's runway.

Paul da Serra

Paul da Serra is a plateau at an altitude of 1300-1500 meters above sea level, in the central western part of the island of Madeira, in Portugal. This is the largest plateau of the island.

The highest point of the plateau is Pico Ruivo peak, whose height is 1682 meters. It is the third highest peak in Portugal and the highest point in Madeira.

The plateau offers a fabulous view of the green valleys and hills below, and in clear weather you can see the ocean from here.

The plateau is the place from which 25 waterfalls originate, the largest of which is Risco, with a height of about 100 meters.

Besides the fact that the plateau is a popular tourist route, due to the large amount of rain combined with the topography and permeability of the soil and rocks, it also represents a large reservoir of water for the island.

In photo mode, you can view the places of interest in Madeira only from photographs.

Camara de Lobos Village

The fishing village of Camara de Lobos is located in the western central part of Madeira Island in Portugal. The name of the village is due to the fact that decades ago monk seals were found here.

The village is a center for saber fishing, or the traditional delicacy of Madeira. Here you can enjoy fishing boats and scows.

The village is also famous for its vineyards, as well as picturesque landscapes, here he loved to spend time at the easel of Winston Churchill.

Here you can taste the famous Madeira wine, as well as the traditional poncha drink: a mixture of lemon juice, alcohol and honey.

From the village side there is a magnificent view of Cabo Girao, the second largest cliff in the world.

Kamachka Village

Camacha is one of the most primitive and picturesque villages on Madeira Island in Portugal. It is world famous for its wicker baskets and vibrant folklore traditions that have been carefully preserved by the local population since time immemorial.

By the way, it was in this village that young people first started playing football in Portugal in 1875. And even earlier, in 1815, a student of Harry Hilton from Britain, who came to study the features of local flora and fauna, was the first to introduce his comrades to the game "Foot-Ball" and its rules.

Walking along the paths and levadas of the island, located near Kamachi, you can enjoy the views and landscapes, as well as learn and feel the cultural and natural trends that formed and determined the foundations of Kamach. Closer to the north are those places where nature dominates in its pristine form, such as Poiso and Montado do Pereiro. It is here that you can to the highest degree appreciate the splendor and diversity of Madeira's native exotic heritage.

Funicular in Funchal

A cable car connects Funchal town center and Monti Mountain. It has 41 cabins and in 11 minutes it will take you from Funchal to Monti, from where you can enjoy wonderful views of the bay and valleys of Funchal. One way lift costs 10 euros, round trip 15 euros.

Waterfall "Veil of the bride"

The Bridal Veil Falls is located near the city of Seychelles, on the island of Madeira, in Portugal. It is considered one of the highest single stream waterfalls in Portugal; its height is about 212 meters.

This is one of the rare waterfalls that begin their journey from a sheer cliff and fall directly into the ocean. A waterfall flows over a rock, either disappearing from view, then reappearing on the surface.

Under the waterfall you can see the old road and the place where it crashed into the ocean. You can admire this beautiful waterfall from a specially arranged viewing platform.

Are you curious to know how well you know the sights of Madeira?

Observation deck Eira do Serrado

Located on Madeira Island in Portugal, Eira do Serrado is one of the most beautiful places in Madeira with stunning views of the surrounding mountains and village in the Valley of the Nuns. Going down into the gorge, you will see Curral das Freiras (Valley of the Nuns), a secluded village located in the heart of the island, where in the 16th century the nuns were hiding from the pirates, while they often attacked Madeira.

Here, for the most part, chestnuts and cherries grow, which makes the area surprisingly picturesque, especially during the flowering period of these plants. Many chestnut trees grow in the local forests, and every year on November 1, the Chestnut Festival is held. Most traditional local recipes are associated with chestnuts.

Here you can enjoy long and short walking excursion routes, ideal as a small workout, as well as clean air and magnificent natural landscapes.

And if you prefer to stay in this amazing place for longer, then the refined hotel Eira do Serrado is at your service, from whose windows you can enjoy superb views.

The most popular attractions in Madeira with descriptions and photographs for every taste. Choose the best places to visit the famous places of Madeira on our website.

1. Land at one of the most dangerous airports in Europe

Already landing on Madeira is an adventure that will give you a thrill. The runway is located on thick stilts entering the depths of the Atlantic Ocean, and is located next to the road. If you are lucky, you can see the start of the plane from the bus or car.

Photo zamito44 (

Funchal Airport, due to its unusual location, is on the list of the most dangerous airports - it is the ninth in the world and second in Europe.

2. Meet Funchal, the colorful capital of Madeira

This is the pulsating heart of Madeira and the largest city on the island with a fantastic location at the foot of the mountains. While in Funchal, sometimes referred to as the “Little Lisbon,” you should definitely take a walk in the Old Town. Along narrow, cobbled streets stretch old buildings in which restaurants are located. The most impressive is the colorful, whimsical-looking doors painted by local artists. But this is only the beginning of entertainment.

The Botanical Garden looks great with an abundance of exotic plants. There is also the famous farmers market, which is the focus of the best regional products. In addition, there is a charming promenade with a monument to the famous football player Cristiano Ronaldo and the impressive Monte hill, which you can climb to the Teleferico funicular to drive off. sledging!

3. Admire the Valley of the Nuns

Already the passage to this place can be a real adventure. The route leading to Curral dash Freiras, also called the Valley of the Nuns, is one of the most picturesque and extreme at the same time.

In the depths of the valley there is a small village - it looks best from the observation points, for example, from the Ayra do Serrado pass. And where did this characteristic name come from? Apparently, it was here that the nuns from Funchal found shelter during the pirate attack on the island in the 16th century.

4. Cape Girao: look at Madeira "from the mountain"

This place may make you dizzy. Cape Cabo Girao, because we are talking about it, is located at an altitude of 589 meters and is considered the most beautiful cliff in Europe. Standing on a glass platform, we can admire the beauty of the island from above. An amazing panorama awaits you on this spectacular observation deck - a few hundred meters under your feet you can see the stormy waves of the Atlantic, breaking on coastal cliffs. The view makes a huge impression.

5. Take a walk around. channels

On the canals and, more precisely, on the Levadas running along the hiking trails. The total length of the canal network (levad) on the island is about 2500 km. Their destination was once the delivery of water from the mountains to the most remote corners - mainly from north to south of Madeira.

One of the most beautiful routes is Levada do Fontes. It runs along the water-filled levada, among the ever-green laurel forests on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

6. Slide down the sled. on asphalt

Carro do Sesto is a characteristic wicker sleigh. They drive a 2-kilometer route from Monte to Funchal with a maximum speed of 50 km / h. Sleds are driven by two men, carreiros, resembling gondoliers from Venice. Vehicles have been used since 1850 - currently it is just a tourist attraction.

7. Go hiking in San Lawrence

This entertainment is intended for active people and lovers of amazing views. On the peninsula of San Lorenzo, the easternmost part of the island, there is the most picturesque trekking track.

The route begins behind a car park in the town of Canisal and leads to the very end of San Lawrence (in Russian, St. Lawrence Peninsula). On the way, we are waiting for views of the harsh coast, steep cliffs, rock formations overlooking the ocean and the neighboring island of Porto Santo. The track is not long, about 4 kilometers long, but in bad weather its overcoming can cause some difficulties.

8. Take a bath in natural pools

Porto Moniz, on the northwest coast of Madeira, has its famous natural pools. They appeared in ancient volcanic craters and are constantly filled with water from the Atlantic. These famous baths are one of the region’s most interesting attractions - they have even been awarded the prestigious Blue Flag certificate.

Visiting natural pools is possible at an additional cost, and the territory itself is guarded by lifeguards to ensure safety. This is something for lovers of swimming in a unique setting.

9. Visit the town of Camara di Lobos

This is an incredibly charming town in the central south of the island. A characteristic element of the landscape of this place are colorful boats moored in the port. Above the Camara di Lobos rises the famous rocky cliff - Cabo Girao, which offers a fantastic view.

It is worth taking a walk along the narrow streets of the town and stopping at one of the local pubs to try Madeira's popular drink - a poncho made from aguardente rum, lemon, orange and honey.

10. See the most beautiful fireworks in the world

Madeira is famous not only for its impressive landscapes and excellent wine. The island of eternal spring is also famous for its impressive New Year greeting. Madeira boasts the world's largest fireworks display. It is worth making sure of it with your own eyes.

Photo mark.woodbury (

The island, thanks to an impressive firework show, ended up in the Guinness Book of Records. The scene for the most beautiful celestial performances is Funchal. During one show lasting less than 10 minutes, almost 17 tons of fireworks are consumed. For the best visual effect, fireworks are launched from different points of the city and from the neighboring island of Porto Santo. This New Year event gathers thousands of people from all over the world. New Year in Madeira? Of course, yes!