18 interesting sights of Blanes in Spain


Blanes is a famous Catalan resort located on the Costa Brava. The city is famous for its beaches and many interesting sites that are worth visiting. Famous sights of Blanes, as well as places popular among tourists, their description, location on the map, reviews and much more, read on.

Marimurtra Botanical Garden

One of the best in Europe. Located on a steep hill, the garden covers an area of ​​4 hectares. There is a huge variety of vegetation - an unsurpassed collection of conifers, cacti, cypresses, palm trees, flowers, medicinal and exotic plants. It is noteworthy that 200 species of plants grow here, which are under the threat of complete extinction.

They try to keep the garden unchanged since its opening, since 1921. It is divided into 3 zones: subtropical, Mediterranean and temperate. On the territory there is a weather station, greenhouses, a library and a research laboratory. Numerous gazebos and viewing platforms are decorated in the style of Roman towers. The panoramic terraces offer breathtaking views of the Mediterranean Sea and the coast.

Recently, the Government of Catalonia awarded the garden the title of national cultural monument.

Waterpark "Marineland"

Entertainment complex located in the vicinity of Blanes. The complex includes not only a water park with water attractions, but also its own dolphinarium and marine zoo. The territory of the park is more than 64,000 square meters. m

It hosts exciting shows with dolphins, fur seals and lions, penguins. There are many serpentines, slides, carousels, labyrinths and pools, cafes and restaurants. For the smallest there is also a separately equipped area where they will be supervised.

Also, the park contains parrots, the intelligence of some is equated with the intelligence of a 4-year-old child. These funny and smart birds participate in exotic animal shows.

The Botanical Garden of Pinya de Rosa

The unique botanical garden, opened in the middle of the 20th century, is the largest cactus garden in the world. More than 8,000 species of succulents are collected here, 7,000 of which are various cactus families. Broken into 27 zones. It also has its own fish pond.

Back in 1945, Fernando Riviera de Caralta bought a small plot of land and began to plant greenery here, today the park covers 50 hectares and plant collections are replenished to this day.

The garden has all the conditions to enjoy the views and have fun. It is equipped with benches, and at the entrance there is a cafe where you can eat.

San Juan Castle

One of the symbols of the Costa Brava, located in the heart of Blanes - on top of a mountain between the beaches of Lloret and Fenals. The castle was erected in the 13th century to protect the city from attacks by pirates and foreign invaders. Over a long history, many fragments of the castle complex have been destroyed, but the Watchtower has been preserved almost intact.

This amazing structure allows tourists to admire the magnificent views that open from the observation deck. The gaze offers panoramic views of the city and the coast. On the territory of the castle is a museum, which contains exhibits telling about the life and history of residents of nearby settlements.

Since 1949 it has the status of a national historical monument.

Chapel of St. Barbara

Near the castle of San Juan is the chapel of St. Barbara. The temple is dedicated to the patroness of Blanes - St. Barbara. It is not known for certain what age this Gothic temple belongs to. The chapel was built in the classical Romanesque style, many times it was destroyed and rebuilt.

Not far from the chapel is another local attraction - the hermit's house, carved into the rock. There are also many fragments of parish buildings.

Area of ​​catalonia

This central square of the city, which is a small but very picturesque square. This is the main tourist place of the city, usually there are sightseeing groups and from here begin their journey through Blanes. A special Tourist Information Center was immediately created, where you can get maps, booklets and any necessary information.

The green area is surrounded on all sides by a transport ring, and in the center of the square there is a unique flowerbed, flowers on which are planted in such a way that the square looks like a compass from a height. In the middle of the flowerbed is decorated with a sculpture of a fishing boat.

Capuchin Monastery

On a high cape of the sea coast rises the Capuchin monastery of the Order of St. Anne. The first church on this site was erected long before the founding of the monastery. But its history begins precisely in 1953, when the monastery was given to the monastic order of the Capuchins.

During the Civil War, the building was destroyed, but now the complex and gardens are completely restored. Around the monastery are equipped recreation areas, parks, cafes and restaurants.

Blanes seaport

One of the oldest ports in the Mediterranean. It is located in a secluded picturesque bay at the foot of a hill. Beautiful landscapes and bright colors are exactly what tourists come here for. However, not only the views are attractive in the port. There is also a large fish market where they sell freshly caught fish and seafood.

The seaport is also famous for its magnificent yachts, which sail here from all over the world. At the height of the season, there are up to a thousand of them, luxurious and not very sporty and cruise, stately and small, but no less attractive.

Basilica of Santa Maria

Gothic small temple, built in the 14th century. The centuries-old relic is part of an ancient castle built in the 12th century. Initially, the castle belonged to a family of noble Blanes aristocrats, then to the Viscounts of Cabrera. The castle has changed owners more than once, and during the Spanish Civil War it was burned. The church also suffered greatly. The fire destroyed the magnificent main altar and 17 additional ones, as well as the bishopric chairs of the work of Antonio Gaudi.

The church was partially restored, only the sacristy, facade and bell tower were preserved in their original condition. The temple to this day receives visitors. Shady alleys, amazing gardens and green parks appeared near the church.

A popular place for families, located between Blanes and Lloret de Mar. An amusement park dedicated to the dwarves will appeal to not only children, but also adults. The pine forest is strewn with figures of gnomes, mushrooms, trees and flowers. In addition, the park is equipped with suspended Tibetan bridges, cable cars, water rides, labyrinths, a platform for mini-golf, an area for interactive games.

Between the trees there is a network of huts, and parents, while the children play and have fun, can spend time on a special picnic area or relax in a restaurant. The territory of the park is 40,000 square meters. m

Arcade Gallery

Arcade Art Gallery opened in the 20th century. not far from the city hall. It hosts exhibitions of paintings, ceramics, photographs, sculptures, dedicated to how the city of Blanes looked in the past. Photos of the old streets of the city are recognized as historical and cultural values.

There is also an art museum and an antique shop. The gallery regularly holds auctions and sales exhibitions, where everyone can purchase their favorite piece of art.

Gothic fountain

Not a single tourist will pass by the majestic octagonal structure in the center of Blanes. This masterpiece was built in the 15th century. and is a monument to Catalan civil Gothic.

The gloomy fountain with the image of the gargoyles and the coat of arms of Cabrera was built by order of the Viscountess Cabrera and the guild of wool producers. Initially, it was located on the central square of the city, but later it was moved to another place, where it is now.

Rock of Sa Palomera

Natural landmark, which is considered the hallmark of the city. A rocky cliff divides the coast into 2 parts: beach and port. The rock is equipped with steps to climb to the very top, to the observation deck, which offers breathtaking views of the city and the Mediterranean Sea.

In warm weather, thrill-seekers can jump from steep cliffs or just swim in the clear waters off the cliffs. In the summer, a fireworks festival takes place here, tourists come not only from all over Spain, but also from all over the world to watch this spectacle.

Church of Nuestra Senora de Esperanza

The basilica was built in the middle of the 17th century. and for a long time was the center of city life. A school worked in the temple, and meetings of local councilors were held. Like the church of St. Mary, it was often destroyed and rebuilt.

The church is located in the central part of the city, not far from the promenade. Today it is open to visitors. The oldest church combines simple architecture and beautiful decor; on one of the pillars of the nave, a poem written in Catalan is preserved.

Avenue Dintre

Not the longest, but one of the most famous streets of the city. The avenue is parallel to the coast, and a shady alley is laid across the center of the street, where a fruit and vegetable market is open in the morning, and after lunch market trade is minimized and numerous summer cafes with terraces open.

In addition, Dintre is famous for its architecture, here you can see old houses and unusual facades. Avenue Dintre - a very popular street for a pleasant romantic walk.

What else to see in Blanes?

In addition to the 15 attractions described above, in Blanes there are also less popular, but no less interesting places:

  • Park del Castell. Located on a hill between Blanes and the town of Malgrat de Mar. The park was laid in the middle of the last century. There is a Watchtower here, which is very popular among tourists, since the observation deck offers beautiful views of the city and port. Also, there are many plants from various climatic zones of Spain. You can climb to the Park by funicular.
  • Quarter s`Auguer. One of the oldest neighborhoods of Blanes, fishermen used to live here, now this place is the center of tourist life. Here you can admire the medieval streets. A wonderful atmospheric place that will plunge into the history of Spain.
  • The quarter of fishermen. Located along the eastern coast. This is a traditional area of ​​Blanes, which is characterized by an abundance of Mediterranean buildings, cafes and restaurants. Favorite place for tourists.
  • Arched vaults on Ampl street. These are 3 stone medieval arches restored in the 1950s. The vaults are built into the existing urban structure. Above the central arch is a niche dedicated to the local saints Bonos and Maximius.
  • Church of St. Francis. It was erected in 1861. Now the church itself is in disrepair and requires early reconstruction. But next to the building there is an observation platform with views of the cliffs and the Mediterranean Sea.

Separately, it is worth noting the beaches of Blanes, there are a lot of them, and for every taste - small, wild, large, cozy, comfortable and equipped with everything necessary. All of them are under the protection of local authorities. Among the most popular are:

  • The central beach is Playa de Blanes. The sandy beach is located to the right of the rock of Sa Palomera, is fully equipped, its length is 700 m, width - 30 m,
  • Sa Abanel. A wide sandy furnished beach is located on the left side of Sa Palomera, its length is 3.2 km, width - 60 m, there is a kids club on the territory,
  • Threum. The smallest beach of the city, located on the northern outskirts, is surrounded by picturesque landscapes.

A good vacation option would be a short trip to Blanes during the Fiesta, which takes place in the last week of June. This is an 8-day international fireworks competition (Fiesta mayor) dedicated to Saints Anne and Joaquim. You can come here in August, when the Festa Major Petita takes place. At this time, they organize sports, music events, a sailing regatta and a marathon.

Tourists reviews

Irina, 25 years old, fitness instructor. It seems to me that Blanes is not the most popular tourist destination in Spain. But I liked it here, there is something to see, interesting buildings and amazing views.

Igor Petrovich, 55 years old, businessman. My wife and I love discovering new places. Blanes has become one of the places you never regret visiting. Everything is fine here, atmosphere, color, infrastructure. The botanical gardens and the seaport were especially remembered - an indelible impression!

Blanes was a small fishing village in the past, but now it is rightfully considered one of the most beautiful, authentic and ancient cities of the Costa Brava. He retained a medieval flavor and will be interesting for both a sophisticated tourist and a beginner.

Costa Brava Coast

The coast on which the city of Blanes is located. Its main feature is clean and pleasant coastal beaches, a calm sea. A variety of beach complexes are well equipped with everything necessary for a comfortable stay, and they are also equipped for people with disabilities. The long promenade has many cozy terraces, a bike path.

On one side of the coast is the rock of Sa Palomera. There are many bars and restaurants on the shore, a lot of entertainment, for example, sailing or water skiing. On the other side, at the foot of the Blanes Monastery, is the Santa Anna Bay. This bay is approximately 110 meters long and 15 wide. Shore of golden sand and pebbles. The water in the sea is clean and clear.

Park del Castell

This park was laid in the middle of the last century on a hill between Blanes and the town of Malgrat de Mar. The park houses the Watchtower, which is a popular viewing platform for tourists, with panoramic views of the city and the seaport. Flora and fauna of the Park del Castell are not as rich as in other Blanes parks, but plants are collected from all climatic zones of Spain.

There are many events that may be of interest to tourists. They allow you to get acquainted with the national traditions of Spain.

For the convenience of tourists, Parque del Castell can be reached by climbing the cable car.

Marimurtra Garden

Marimurtra is rightfully considered the best botanical garden in Europe. It is divided into three zones: temperate, Mediterranean and subtropical.

The main feature of the Marimurtra garden is the planting order: they demonstrate their gradual development in different places of the planet. In total, more than four thousand plant species have been planted in the garden. A considerable part of them are species that are threatened with extinction.

Also, the Marimurtra garden attracts visitors with its beauty. Its cliffs offer magnificent views of the Costa Brava.

Quarter s`Auguer

The Quarter s`Auguer is Blanes' oldest district. Previously, it was inhabited by fishermen and sailors. Nowadays s`Auguer is one of the main tourist centers of the city.

In the quarter s`Auguer you can see old houses with unusual facades, built on small streets. And in this area there are many fish restaurants serving seafood specialties.

Quarter s`Auguer is located near the city center, which makes the area even more attractive for tourists.

San Juan Castle

San Juan Castle was built in the 13th century on the mountain above Blanes to fight against pirates who regularly attacked the city.Unfortunately, it has not been completely preserved to this day: now only the Watchtower is left from the castle. However, this attraction is quite popular among tourists. It offers panoramic views of the city, and along the way you can stroll along the narrow picturesque streets.

Art Gallery Arcade

The Arcade Art Gallery opened at the end of the 20th century near the Blanes City Hall. Here you can visit various exhibitions of paintings, photographs and other forms of art. Also, exhibitions and auctions are regularly held at the Arcade Gallery.

The main goal of the exhibition is to show how the city of Blanes looked like in the past.

Marineland Park

Marineland is a water park located near the city of Blanes. This is a whole entertainment complex, consisting not only of the water park itself with water slides and attractions, but also a dolphinarium and a sea zoo.

Marineland Park regularly hosts entertaining shows featuring birds and marine animals.

What sights to see in the vicinity of Blanes

In the vicinity there are a large number of beach areas suitable for relaxing on the sea, they are easy to find on the map. Usually they are covered with sand or pebbles. Among the beaches, the largest is S’Abannel, suitable for swimming as well as for outdoor activities such as sailing.

For relaxation with children, the most convenient would be San Francesc. The beach area of ​​Playa de Blanes has been recognized more than once as the cleanest in the city.

If you have time, we recommend visiting neighboring villages located in Catalonia. Fans of the Middle Ages will appreciate Reus and Girona, the beach is worth a trip to Tossa de Mar or Lloret de Mar.

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