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If you come to Šiauliai - be sure to check here, here you can take a map of the city and the surrounding area for free, buy postcards, the friendly staff speaks Russian and will help you find a guide, book an excursion. Here you can rent a bike, develop a guided tour, find a hotel, etc. Official website -

Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul

All roads to Šiauliai lead to this cathedral. After all, it was here that the city was born - on the Resurrection Square. This is the central square of the city, divided into 4 parts by Ausros Alley and Tilges Street. Century after century merchants and craftsmen from all over Lithuania gathered here at fairs and bazaars. Currently, this street also remains the main meeting place for citizens and visitors. The main holidays and festivities of the city are held here.

The majestic Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul was built in the 17th century in the Renaissance style and was constantly destroyed by wars and storms, but despite all the hardships, it remains as beautiful and majestic.

Sundial area

In 1981, a few years before the anniversary of the city - 750 years, which were supposed to be celebrated in 1986, the administration announced a competition for the creation of a new square. A competition was announced, which was won by three Lithuanian architects from Šiauliai, who do not know how best to decorate their hometown.

The architects became the authors of the new square, which they decided to call the Sundial Square: A. Chernyauskas, A. Vishnyunas, R. Jurela.

The main accent of the square is the golden boy, a Šaulis sculpture 4 meters high, decorated with gilded bronze.

This is the highest sundial in Lithuania.

Pelicans Fountain Sculpture

Two birds appeared in the city on Vilnius Street in 1978. The author is the sculptor B. Kasperavichine. In general, the author of the sculpture, in this case, is only a formality, in fact, these beautiful birds appeared in the city as follows.

Once two lovers of pelicans lagged behind their flock. Naturally, they mixed up the direction and instead of flying south, flew north. According to legend and eyewitnesses (and there are many of them, fortunately, the matter did not take place in such a distant past), while they were flying past the city of Siauliai, they really wanted to drink. Seeing a puddle, they landed to quench their thirst.

But they could not even suspect that there would appear an evil sorceress (maybe she was still alive?) And turn them into stone.

Here is such a sad story, the consequences of which you can see on the main Broadway of the city - ul. Vilnius.

Sculpture Three Birds

You can see the sculptural composition Three birds near the square at the Šiauliai hotel.

A peculiar but interesting composition. If you go around, it seems that the birds are flapping their wings, trying to fly up. Plastic lines change smoothly, creating the illusion of movement.

This sculptural composition was created in 1981 by K. Kasperavičius and A. Černiauskas.

Rooster Square

Interesting place. The rooster-clock in the square was recreated in 2003, in the year of the 767th anniversary of the city of Šiauliai.

Here, couples in love make dates, someone makes business meetings, someone is looking for someone, in general, this is the main meeting place in this cozy city.

Now this symbol not only sings, but also greets passers-by and says: “Welcome to Šiauliai” in Russian, English, German, Spanish, Swedish Hebrew and many other languages.

Pharmacy Valeriono

This is one of the oldest pharmacies operating in Lithuania. In 1870, pharmacist Nurokas received permission from the city authorities to establish a pharmacy in Šiauliai, which he sold to pharmacist Limberg immediately after the opening. Limberg worked in a pharmacy for about 10 years and then sold it to pharmacist Freiman. A little later, the owner of the pharmacy was Freiman's heir - Zemach Volpe.

The pharmacy had many owners, historical names, it survived entire eras, wars, but still survived.

The roof of the pharmacy is decorated with two cats. Looking at them, it seems that cats have long been trying to get to the pharmacy. What for? The answer lies in the name of the pharmacy.

Frenkel Palace

If you believe the date indicated on the weather vane, the palace was built in 1908 and is considered one of the most beautiful buildings of Šiauliai with an internal, once beautiful, courtyard with a fountain in its center (unfortunately, only partially preserved).

The palace belonged to the owner of the leather factory - Jaime Frenkel and his sons.

After World War I, the tannery and, accordingly, the palace were inherited by Jokubas Frenkel. In 1920, Jokubas gave away part of the palace of the Jewish gymnasium, which functioned before the war. After the war ended in 1945, the hospital of the Soviet army, which was located in this house until 1993, was housed in the palace, which remained almost unharmed.

Currently, the Frankel Palace operates as a museum.

Candy Factory Ruta

Once, back in 1913, one of the inhabitants of Šiauliai - Antanas Gritsevičius, in a small wooden building equipped a cauldron for cooking caramel. That is how the history of this Lithuanian candy factory begins.

Of course, the first workers in the factory were Antanas himself and his wife Jozef. Especially for this, Antanas studied the features of confectionery art in Vilnius and St. Petersburg.

The caramels created by Antanas were very fond of the inhabitants of the city, and then to the residents of other cities of Lithuania.

In 1940, the Ruta factory became a state enterprise. After 1993, the factory returned to the heirs of Antanas.

At present, Ruta Confectionery is the oldest confectionery company in Lithuania, which produces delicious caramels and delicate sweets.

When you are in Lithuania, do not forget to bring a piece of sweet Lithuania to your near and dear ones.

Wenzlauskis House

An old mansion with a turret is the home of Kazimeras and Stanislava Wenclauskas, a famous lawyer and a talented Lithuanian actress. The mansion was built in 1925-27 by the architect Carolinas Reisanas. The family lived in this house until 1944.

In 1955, the house was given to the Aushra Museum. And already in 1959, the first exhibition was opened in the museum.

In 1955, an exhibition dedicated to the Wenzlauskas family was opened. It is known that the family was very beneficent and helped many orphaned children. In honor of the great benefactor on the terrace of the museum, the sculptor Motherhood was discovered.

In 2005, a monument was opened to the head of the family, Kazimieras Wentslauskas.

Museum of Photography

Everyone who is interested in the art of photography is invited here. In the museum you will find old cameras and photographs. It will be especially interesting for those who have already managed to explore the surroundings of the city, as the museum has a lot of old photos of those places.

Vilnius str. 140
Tel 370 41 524396
Opening hours: VT-Fri 10-18 hours, SUB 11-17 hours
Price: for adults - 4 litas
For students - 2 litas
Excursion: 30 litas

Museum of Radio and TV

A very interesting place. In fact, this is a modern museum, although there are a couple of real rarities here, for example, a 19th-century music box with bees that ring bells.

Vilnius street 174
Tel 370 41 524399
Opening hours: VT-PT - 10-18 hours. SUB-11-17 hours
Price: for adults - 2 litas
For students - 1 lit.
Excursion: 30 litas and 15 litas for schoolchildren

Cat museum

The place dedicated to the baleen-striped on the увuvininku street is always popular.

Here you can find a variety of images of cats, paintings, poems, sketches, figurines, figures and various other works of art dedicated to these cute predators.

Zuvininku St. 18
Tel 370 41 523883
Opening hours: VT-SUB - 11-17 hours
Price for adults: 2 Lt
For students - 1 lit.

Transport in Siauliai

Buses in Šiauliai run well and according to schedule. Usually there is a schedule at every bus stop in the city. The price of one ticket is 1 lit. Tickets can be bought directly on the bus from the driver or at any print booth.

Minibuses also go very often, although there are no minibus schedules at bus stops, since you can catch a minibus by raising your hand anywhere in the city, unless, of course, this contradicts traffic rules. And get out, respectively, anywhere, in advance warning the driver about your stop.

The price of one trip is 1 litas 30 cents.

Taxis work around the clock. You can catch a taxi simply by raising your hand or you can approach any taxi, usually there are many taxis at shopping centers, cinemas, train stations, hospitals. You can call a taxi from a mobile or landline phone by calling: 1458, 1400, 1422, 1456, 1445, 1453.

The average price per kilometer is 1 litas 40 cents. Given that the city is small, a taxi comes out inexpensively, and if you walk around Šiauliai with a big company, sometimes the trip comes out at the same price as on a minibus, or even more profitable.

Trains and trains

By train, you can get to any city in Lithuania, although they are not very comfortable and take quite a long time. By car in Lithuania it is much faster and more convenient to travel.

In any case, if you need a train station or train and train schedules throughout Lithuania, then check out the Lithuanian Railways website:

Šiauliai bus station
St. Tilges 109
370 41 525058
You can see the bus schedule here:

Bike rent

Traveling around Lithuania or cities is very convenient by bicycle. In Lithuania, cyclists are respected on the roads, and there are many wonderful scenic bike paths in the city and beyond.

You can rent a bike at:

St. Vilnius 213, at the Šiauliai Information Center
Tel 370 41 523 110
Opening hours: Mon-Fri 9-18 hours, SUB 10-16 hours.

Cultural centers

Šiauliai Culture Center
Aushros Alley 31
Tel: 370 41 524163

Aushros Alley 15
Tel: 370 41 524457

Concert Hall Šiauliai State Chamber Choir Polyphony
Aushros Alley 15
Tel: 370 41 523812

Šiauliai art gallery
St. Vilnius 245
Tel: 370 41 521161
VT-Fri 10-18 hours. SUB. 10-17 hours

Siauliai Cultural Center Laiptu Gallery
St. Zemaites 83
370 504 145
VT-SUB 11-19 hours.

Akis Gallery
St. Vytauto 133
Tel 370 41 421572
Mon-Fri 10-18 hours. SUB. 10-15 hours

Retro Gallery
St. Vilnius 146
Tel. 370 41 521202
Mon-Fri 11-18 hours. SUB 11-15 hours.

Amber Gallery Inclusas
St. Vilnius 146
Tel 370 41 521558
Mon-Fri 10-19 hours. SUB 10-16 hours.


Vilnius street 172
Tel: 370 41 525208

Tilges street 140
370 41 524983

Šiauliai Drama Theater
St. Tilges 155
Tel: 370 41 523207

Avilio Theater
Daryaus Ir Gireno 22
Tel: 370 41 390707

Where to stay in Siauliai

Hotel Norna (two stars)
St. Tilges 126s
Tel 370 41 425594

Musu Verbena
St. Емemaites 89
Tel 370 41 211117

Center for young tourists
St. Rigos 36
Tel 370 41 523992

Youth Hotel Siauliai College
The hotel is located right in the center of the city opposite the Peter and Paul Cathedral.
Tilges street 159
Tel 370 41 523764
Email: [email protected]

Rustic Hotel Dvarkiemis
It is located seven km. from the city on the road to KrizhkalnisTel. 370 41 552575
Email: [email protected]

Hotel Saulys (4 stars)
St. Vasario 16 axis - 40
Tel 370 41 520812
Email: [email protected]

Vaivorykste (one star)
St. Gytariu 25
Tel: 370 41 510502
Email: [email protected]

Time and cost

The park awaits its visitors daily and year-round regardless of weather conditions. In the summer from 10.00 to 22.30, and in the autumn from 10.00 to 21.30. Last admission for children 1.5 hours, adults 2.5 hours before closing.

The cost of tickets is clearly differentiated depending on the age of visitors, and on the saturation of the program. For children taller than 145 cm. 1.5-hour participation in 2 runs costs 5.21-5.79 €, students for 2.5 hours in 3 runs will pay 9.27-11.58 €, adults - 11.58-14.48 €.

You can buy a family ticket 2 + 2, which will cost 33,02-39,97 €. And the instructor’s hour will require a surcharge of € 4.92, which will explain the safety precautions on how to use the safety cables and will show you how to overcome obstacles.

How to get there

The harmony of the natural beauty of trees and shrubs with the man-made wonders of various designs makes Splius a unique place to which you can drive by car: inexpensive parking is 100 meters away. It can be conveniently reached by public transport: minibus, bus or trolley.

The pleasure received in this interesting park cannot be estimated with money: it is truly priceless!