The best resorts of the Venetian Riviera


Italy, Venetian Riviera

Holidays on the Venice Riviera will be a great solution for any tourist. If you choose a tour of the Venetian Riviera, be prepared for an unforgettable vacation on the Venetian Riviera, an excellent beach vacation and all kinds of entertainment.


The Venetian Riviera is located around the city of Venice and in the northern part of the Adriatic. Famous for its sandy beaches and cozy hotels, it attracts many tourists. Lovers of luxury and prestige come to the resort of Lido di Jesolo (35 km from Venice), families with children have chosen Lignano (50 km from Venice), in addition, Sabbiadoro, Bibione, Caorle, Mestre and Trieste enter the territory of the Venetian Riviera.

Italians themselves love to relax here, because the Venetian Riviera is the best beach holiday in Italyaccording to most local. Much attention is paid children rest on the Venetian Riviera. And the fact that the best thermal resorts of Abano and Montegrotto Terme are located nearby is an absolute advantage of a vacation on the Venetian Riviera.

Climate of the Venetian Riviera

Climate of the Venetian Riviera soft and calm, like the resort itself. The Alps obscure the area from cold winds, the water in the sea is warm (maximum + 30C). The best time to relax on the Venice Riviera is from June to September. In June, the temperature of air and water is + 22C / + 20C, in July + 26C / + 24C, in August + 28C / 26C, in September + 24C / + 23C.

Beaches of the Venetian Riviera

Beaches of the Venetian Riviera - long, wide stripes of golden fine sand with a gentle entrance to the warm, crystal clear sea. Many beaches have Blue Flag for Cleanliness. Only two beach areas: Veneto and Friuli-Venezia Giulia, they have resorts.

The most prestigious and crowded resort of the Venetian Riviera has become Lido di Jesolo with its sandy golden brown beaches. An environmentally friendly place is a favorite for tourists with children and youth. There is a water park, an amusement park, a terrarium, an aquarium, restaurants, nightclubs and bars. Beach vacations are complemented by all kinds of water activities, as well as golf and tennis, fishing trips and horse riding, thermal baths, several gyms and much more. Only here sunbeds and umbrellas are paid.

Caorle is a city of fishermen where you can enjoy the views of local architecture and excellent fish and seafood dishes. The beach here is sandy and well-maintained, sunbeds and umbrellas are rented out for a fee. You can relax in the water park, amusement park, visit discos, cafes and bars. Caorle has a sailing school. In general, a great option for recreation, including with children.

BibioneSurrounded by secrets and legends of treasures hidden here in the 5th century, it has many advantages. Very wide sandy beaches have a developed infrastructure, are well-maintained and offer many water and other attractions, for example, there is an amusement park, an aquarium and a zoo, nightclubs and the unique health-improving thermal complex Bibione Thermae. A pleasant microclimate and pine groves complete the picture.

Lignano - the best resort on the Adriatic coast according to the Italians themselves, which is located from Venice 85 km to the north. Lush pine greenery, wide sandy beaches, gentle entrance to the sea, shallow water - all these are Lignano beaches, which are also free. From entertainment, in addition to water sports, everything was offered for an exciting, children's and not only relaxation: sports complexes and amusement parks, Punto Verde Zoo, cafes, pizzerias, restaurants, clubs and supermarkets. Lignano is divided into three parts according to the level of "noise": lively Sabbiro, calm Pineta, quiet Riviera.

Venice Riviera Hotels

Venice Riviera Hotels are diverse, you can find both a budget and a chic option. They are all united by the "classical" layout (along the coast), comfort and homely atmosphere. Plus, the hotel farthest from the water's edge is located just 300 meters from the sea. Guests can enjoy an excellent holiday on the Venetian Riviera, visit the local small bars and shops.

Sights of the Venetian Riviera

Let's face it history buffs have almost nothing to do here. Varieties of excursion programs to memorable places are not here. Traveling around the country that is convenient from here can be an outlet for those who want to relax on the magnificent beaches and complement your vacation with several trips to other regions of Italy. By the way, you can make a trip across Italy on bicycles or a rented car.

The most popular excursions recognized one-day tours to Venice, Florence, Padua (the city of St. Anthony in the late Gothic style), Verona, full-day trips "Dolomites" and "Lake Garda", "Gardaland". No less popular is the 5-hour excursion "Islands of the Venetian Lagoon - Torcello, Murano, Burano". The approximate cost of group excursions is from 20 to 90 euros. You can go to Vicenza to admire the creations of the architect Andrea Palladio or to Treviso, the so-called "Venice in miniature", or to Rome.

There are several interesting places on the Venetian Riviera that deserve attention. This is the Cinque Terre (Five Lands) nature reserve near Lignano and a commune in the Venetian lagoon of Chioggia.

Cinque Terre Nature Reserve It consists of five villages located on mountain slopes, buried in vineyards, olive and lemon groves: Vernazza, Corniglia, Monterosso, Riomaggiore and Manarola. They became the centers of the web of mountain paths. One of the paths connects Riomaggiore and Manarola, this is the most picturesque of all - "Street of Love". The reserve is protected by UNESCO.

Chioggia located just 25 km from Venice. This is a miniature copy of Venice on two islets, connected to the mainland by a bridge. It has narrow streets and canals (the main one is the Vienna Canal), and sights - the Romanesque cathedral of Santa Maria of the 11th century, the church of Sant Andrea of ​​the 18th century. with a bell tower of the 11th-12th centuries and one of the oldest observation towers in the world, other churches. Sottomarina Resort, near which the Chioggia Bridge is located, is a popular seaside resort. There are about 60 hotels and more than 15 campsites.

Most popular resorts

The Venetian Riviera region is located in the north-eastern part of Italy. It includes the most beautiful, sophisticated and picturesque cities. The heart of this area is Venice, which is surrounded by the best resorts of the Venetian Riviera. These include places such as:

It is interesting that the distance between the main resort cities is small, and this allows tourists to explore the entire coast of the region.


The resort area is located 90 kilometers from Venice in the east. The beaches in Sabbiadoro are covered with golden sand. The microclimate here is not only pure, but also healing.

This city is considered to be a resort suitable for young people. There is a good entertainment infrastructure, there are coffee houses, bars, restaurants and nightclubs. Some travelers call this place a city of squares, since not only its surroundings are landscaped, but also the inner territory. The main alley, parks and squares are popular because of their picturesqueness. However, the ancient squares, which are decorated with traditional coffee houses, are not inferior to them in their beauty.

80 kilometers from Venice in the north is Bibione. In ancient times, the settlement of Bibion ​​lived here. It was the residence of Attila - the leader of the Huns. According to legend, innumerable treasures belonging to the “destroyer of Europe” were hidden here. After the ancient city disappeared into the abyss of the sea, the city of Bibione was founded not far from it.

The Venetian Riviera (Italy), and in particular Bibione, is visited by tourists from around the world, because here you can prevent many diseases or cure existing ones. Local thermal springs are considered unique. Not far from the city is the Adriatic. The beaches here are represented by wide sandy stripes. Children will appreciate the local aquariums, zoos and water parks.

Since Bibione is an island connected to mainland Italy via a long bridge, it is notable for water activities. Here you can spend a lot of time doing water sports.

Not far from the Slovenian border is Trieste, whose history spans many centuries. Most of the resort has access to the sea. The island of Grado, located in the bay, is known for its sandy beaches. Cozy bays with rocky beaches are the reason why the town of Trieste (the Venetian Riviera) is popular. Reviews about this place are only enthusiastic. Admission to sunny beaches with gentle sea waves is about 4 euros. The city is one of the sports centers of the Riviera. Water sports are booming here. There are bars on the beaches, as well as cozy cafes.

60 kilometers north of Venice is Caorle, a former fishing village, now a calm city, popular with couples. The beaches are sandy.

What to do in Caorle? Any traveler will be able to find something to his liking upon arrival in this city. Despite the fact that the place seems very modest and quiet, there is much to be done. You should definitely visit the aqua, amusement park, golf club, horse riding center and sailing school. Discos, bars and restaurants are also quite popular.

As for the historic city center, it is ideal for romantic walks. The main architectural monuments are concentrated here. The colorful houses of the fishermen, built along narrow streets, are very bright. It seems that they are built from Lego.

Mestre used to be a separate city, but under the influence of time it merged with Venice. It is sometimes called a “transit point” for travelers, because the prices for accommodation in local hotels are very affordable. Tourists often stay here at night, and during the day they explore the canals and other Venetian attractions.

What can you do here? First, explore the local attractions. The Venetian Riviera, whose resorts for the most part have a rich history, is interesting from the point of view of art. Thus, the watch tower, the local cathedral, and also the main square testify to the rich past of the city of Mestre. The cultural program consists of concerts and events dedicated to some holidays. Shoppers can visit souvenir shops and outlets. The prices here are reasonable.

This resort town is located 90 kilometers from Venice. On local beaches you can hear Austrian, German, French speech. Tourists from these countries have long discovered this place. This resort appeared on the site of a small fishing town. It is notable for the fact that on its territory there is an abundance of greenery. The sea is calm and clean, the beaches are safe. The resort is ideal for families with children, as it is rich in entertainment parks, sports complexes. There is even a riding school.

Lido di Jesolo

Lido di Jesolo is a resort on the Venetian Riviera. In this city you can combine fun entertainment and sightseeing with a leisurely beach holiday. Tourists can take a walk to the mountain lake called Santa Croce and become participants in excursions to Venice.

Fans of William Shakespeare will also visit Verona and see monuments of medieval as well as ancient architecture. Gourmets can sample popular Italian dishes. For families with children there is also a lot of entertainment. A very popular visit to Lake Garda.

Where to stay?

The cost of traveling to this area depends on where you decide to live on vacation. What hotels of the Venetian Riviera are considered the best and most popular?

  • ALMAR This five-star design hotel is located in Lido di Jesolo. It is very close to shops, bars and restaurants. Inside, you can use the services of children's animators, visit the SPA center and much more.

  • GREIF In Sabbiadoro, right in the middle of a pine park, is another luxury hotel. It has a restaurant, TV lounge, parking, garden and terrace. Those interested can visit the Turkish bath, sauna or solarium.
  • SANOV BEACH is the only five-star hotel complex in Bibione. The complex includes fitness and conference rooms, a restaurant, a swimming pool, a jacuzzi and even an amphitheater, as well as thermal springs.

Positive sides

Holidays in the Venetian Riviera are distinguished by sophistication and sophistication. A huge number of historical monuments are concentrated in this area, which testify to the country's past. Therefore, if you are fond of history or art, you can expand your horizons in this area by visiting the resorts of the Venetian Riviera.

Reviews of local hotels, as a rule, contain information about the high level of service, excellent service. Five-star hotels meet all standards. They contain all the necessary pieces of furniture and appliances that provide a carefree vacation.

The beaches that are located in the area are marked with blue flags. The presence of such decoration means that the beach is very clean and safe.

How to get there

The main part of bus routes and flights that connect you to the Venice Riviera converges in Milan. Most scheduled flights are operated by companies such as Aeroflot and Alitalia. Of course, there are other ways to get to Venice. Many tourists book a charter to Treviso or Trieste. And you can also get to Venice by plane and start exploring the Riviera from this place.

Things to do?

The Venetian Riviera, whose resorts are very popular, is a place where you can find entertainment for every taste. Most tourists take part in educational excursions. What directions do you most often choose?

  • Sightseeing tour in Rome, as well as nearby cities.
  • Venice. Local attractions are cast in grandeur.
  • Lake Garda and Verona is another popular sightseeing destination.
  • Tours to Florence lasting only one day. And if you visit the island of Capri and Naples, you can increase this period.

If you spent the day exploring the narrow Venetian streets, you are most likely hungry. The most visited restaurants are establishments such as Florian, COVO and TERRAZZA ORSEOLO. On the territory of the towns that make up the Venetian Riviera, there are a lot of boutiques, nightclubs, shopping centers and other places. Even couples with children will not be bored here, as there are special recreation parks in the cities. Fans of water yachting and diving will also find entertainment to their liking.

The best resorts of the Venetian Riviera

Small and tranquil family resort located between Trieste and Venice. In northern Italy, this is the best place for children. In the luxurious hotels of Lignano, located in the midst of magnificent parks, prices are slightly higher than in the neighboring tourist areas. The coastline stretches for 8 km along the Adriatic Sea, it all consists of landscaped beaches - the best in this part of the country.

Lido di Venice

If you want to combine a visit to one of the most beautiful cities in the world with sunbathing and swimming in the warm waters of the Adriatic Sea, welcome to the main Venetian beach of Lido di Venice. It is here that residents of the city who do not want to leave far from home prefer to spend their holidays. From San Marco Square, the resort area can be reached in just 10 minutes by ferry.

Almost unknown to Russian tourists, Bibione is in demand among tourists from Austria, Holland, Belgium and the Czech Republic. Resort infrastructure began to develop here in the middle of the XX century. The town is located in a unique location very close to Venice. It is separated from land by canals and lakes, its beaches are surrounded by centuries-old pines. Bibione has a very comfortable climate, conducive to a relaxing holiday.

Before the tourist boom, Caorle was a small fishing town. He has now preserved that unique atmosphere, despite the crowds of tourists who fill its beaches and streets every summer. There is everything for a good vacation: the beautiful sea, a rich excursion program, a variety of entertainment, sports complexes, clubs, bars and restaurants of Italian cuisine.

Heraclea Mare

The coastal strip of the town of Eraclea Mare is overgrown with pine groves, in some places it reaches a width of 150 meters, which creates a unique climate in this place. This is a fairly quiet resort: even in the peak season, when on the neighboring Lido di Jesolo there is no escape from the noisy tourist crowds, here you can find long-awaited privacy and tranquility. In addition, Eraclea Mare has beautiful free beaches, which is not found in every Italian resort in this region.

Grado is located on the land, which is often called Isola del Sole - the island of the sun. It is famous for its spas, magnificent nature and historical sites. Here is a large water park, the Valle Cavanata Nature Reserve, museums with antique artifacts and early medieval temples built more than 1000 years ago. In a word, a tourist will definitely not have to get bored in Grado.


A modern resort with developed infrastructure, mainly focused on Italian tourists (this is reflected in prices). It is famous for its restaurants with a large number of seafood dishes. Sottomarina has quiet streets, few cars - the locals prefer to ride bicycles, a general lack of knowledge of the English language and, of course, widespread Italian good nature, seasoned with a good portion of laziness.


Private island and resort 70 km south of Venice. Since 1988, it belongs to the tourist holding "Marcegaglia", which is engaged in the development and maintenance of infrastructure. It offers luxurious villas, hotels, holiday cottages, golf courses, a port for 500 ships, all kinds of entertainment and all this under 24-hour security. Also on the island there are many private houses.

A fairly large city located on the border with Slovenia on the shores of the Gulf of Trieste. It is difficult to call it a seaside resort, although there are beaches too. People come here for excursions, shopping, for the sake of walking on cruise ships on the Adriatic, local cuisine - a bizarre mixture of Italian, Austrian and Slovenian traditions. In addition, there is a large port in Trieste, where ships come from all over Europe.

Venetian Riviera on the map

The distance between these towns is small, so nothing prevents you from staying in one of them, and then methodically exploring the entire coast.

To facilitate the task, we place on the website a detailed map of the Venetian Riviera.

Most flights and bus routes running to this fertile land converge in Milan. Regular flights were arranged by Alitalia and Aeroflot.

You can also reach Venice in other ways - for example, charter a charter to Trieste or Treviso. And you can immediately start the cultural program from Venice - there is its own airport.

The north winds do not have power over the local coast, since the Alps block their path. The influx of holidaymakers does not dry up until October, since the Adriatic coast has a mild climate and unobtrusive warm autumn.

The sea here is shallow, calm and clean, and the swimming season starts in May. Water in shallow water warms up quickly - its temperature in July-August can reach + 30 ° C.

In the afternoon, it is about 20-26 ° C, so that the sweltering heat does not threaten anyone.

We are looking for suitable tours

Holidays on the Venice Riviera are offered by many tour operators. Choosing the right hotel and the cost of the tour is not difficult.

If you want luxurious service in a five-star luxury hotel - please. There is a desire to save money - the company will select a hotel easier (3 stars) or send you on an exciting trip to Europe by bus.

By the way, integrated bus tours in recent years are very popular. Going on such a journey, you can keep within 1000 euros, while visiting a number of the largest cities in Europe.

Here is an example tour route with a starting point in Minsk:

  • Day 1. Departure from Minsk followed by transit through Poland and overnight at a 3 star hotel.
  • Day 2. Breakfast, transfer to Prague and a city tour.
  • Day 3. You find yourself in the Austrian Innsbruck - at the foot of the snowy Alps.
  • Day 4. You are waiting for the center of the European fashion industry - Milan.
  • Days 5-10. It's time to relax. Upon arrival at Lido di Jesolo, you relax on the local beaches, take sunbaths and enjoy life.
  • Days 11-12. The return journey through the Austrian lands begins. This time - with a stop in Vienna.
  • Day 13. Transit through Poland, crossing the Belarusian-Polish border, arriving in Minsk.

The cost of the tour from Minsk is only 675 euros. Plus additional costs for:

  • visa application,
  • all kinds of bureaucratic requisitions,
  • health insurance
  • remuneration of the company.

The result is approximately 800 euros.

This is a budget option, but implying a transfer from Moscow to Minsk and back at your own expense.

Some will prefer to board a plane immediately and arrive at Venice Airport in a few hours.

In Italy, the sea of ​​resorts and resort areas and each place has its own historical and climatic features. Where it is better to relax in Italy at the sea in July, our review article will tell.
The Adriatic coast of Slovenia is known for its resorts, read where to relax in Slovenia on the sea right here. You will get a lot of pleasure from the trip.

Sea of ​​Venetian entertainment

Entertainment in the province of Veneto and its environs is really enough, and for every taste.

We list the main ones, starting with excursions:

  • Sightseeing tours in Rome and nearby cities,
  • visiting the sights of Venice,
  • a trip to Lake Garda and Verona,
  • one day tour to Florence,
  • tours to Naples, Florence, to the island of Capri.

Tired of long walks through the narrow Venetian streets, you will want to eat. You can do this in the following restaurants:

You can infinitely make a list:

  • restaurants
  • boutiques
  • shopping centers
  • nightly entertainment.

The entertainment infrastructure of the Riviera is extremely extensive, so you won’t be bored.

There is enough sports entertainment here, there is where to turn around for children for whom theme parks have been created (Gardaland).

Here everyone will find something to do:

  • elderly and family tourists,
  • youth,
  • lovers of water yachting and diving.

The main resorts of the Venetian Riviera

It is time to move on to concrete examples and reinforce our reasoning with facts.

With articles on the resorts of Lignano and Lido di Jesolo, you can read more in detail by clicking on the links.

We will focus on resorts, which we have not written about in detail before.

Sandy beaches

In Bibion, the beach strip is not only an even tan and gentle waters. As we noted earlier, here you can go in for water sports or visit a unique marine aquarium.

Not far inferior to Caorle - 9 kilometers of picturesque lagoons and golden sand. On the shore you can find fishing huts, and green valleys surround the town from all sides.

The quiet lagoons of Lido di Jesolo attract European tourists with their tranquility and lack of high waves. We already wrote that the resort is divided into 4 zones. The beaches are localized in Centro - many kilometers of sandy spaces and a warm shallow sea.

For those who prefer to relax in Venice itself, we recommend visiting the beaches of Sottomarina and Cavallino. The sand here has been regularly updated for three decades.

Top Hotels

The cost of rest in Veneto directly depends on the chosen hotel.

Staying in an expensive Venice or budget Mestre is already a matter of personal preference. We will only mention a few of the most comfortable hotels on the Venice Riviera:

  1. Almar. The five-star design hotel, which opened this spring, but has already earned a lot of enthusiastic responses.
    It is localized in Lido di Jesolo. It features:
    • exclusive service
    • SPA-center,
    • children's animation
    • luxury apartments.

The hotel is located directly on the beach. Around:

  • the shops,
  • restaurants
  • the bars.
  • GREIF. In the middle of the pine park in Sabbiadoro there is a five-star monster with a fairly extensive infrastructure:
    • terrace,
    • a restaurant,
    • Wellness Center
    • bar,
    • parking
    • garden,
    • TV lounge.

    • heated pool
    • solarium,
    • sauna,
    • Turkish sauna.
  • SAVOY BEACH. Here is the only hotel complex in Bibion ​​that has a 5-star service level.
    Own thermal springs and spa center make the hotel very attractive for tourists. There are:
    • a restaurant,
    • conference hall,
    • amphitheater,
    • swimming pool,
    • gym,
    • jacuzzi.
  • Reviews of Wanderers

    To get a more complete picture of the resort region, we picked up the reviews of some travelers.

      Gregory, Minsk:
      I stop in Mestre, and then wander around the Riviera. Great beaches, there is where to go diving. I recommend.

    The Venetian Riviera offers a full range of tourist services:

    • good rest,
    • Shopping
    • sightseeing overview
    • water sports.

    Everything is available to wanderers. Given the compact location of the resorts, you can choose budget accommodation options.

    If at the same time ordering a bus tour - you will get an acceptable rest at a reasonable price.


    I went with my husband and daughter (4 years) in Sabbiador. The city turned out to be built-in exclusively for young people: at night there was noise and haunting, teenagers from all over Europe were in full swing. I had to urgently change the hotel - away from the coast. Permanent bus routes run between cities, at bus stations you can buy a single ticket, on which you can go to one city, and from it to another. It’s very convenient, so we visited Bibion ​​(there are a lot of children's entertainments, some companies offer babysitting services, you can leave your child and walk around the city, but I didn’t risk it) and in Trieste (the cleanest beaches on the coast were here).