Attractions Druskininkai and surroundings


The Lithuanian hotel in Druskininkai with a water park is a modern entertainment complex aimed at the maximum satisfaction of its visitors of any age category. Moreover, the water park is popular not only among residents of Lithuania itself, but also among wealthy residents of the CIS countries, which is facilitated by its excellent equipment, a variety of recreational activities, a large number of attractions, and of course, a democratic price by European standards, but first things first!

Druskininkai, a water park with lots of benefits!

The most important advantage of the water park is its truly European approach to the convenience and safety of its visitors, which is expressed not only in the external attributes, the highest service and simply elegant atmosphere, but also in the advanced layout of the complex itself, which was created by the leading Lithuanian and Western European engineers. However, we will move on from architectural merits and list the list of entertainment and recreational activities that are available to every visitor to the park!

Huge central pool. In addition to the size, the pool is divided into several sectors, where people can simply swim, relax and have fun, as well as go in for sports, gymnastics and get hydromassage. It is worth noting the fact that the pool has access to the street, which allows everyone to swim, not only under the roof of the water park, but also swim out into the sun!

The water park in Druskininkai is equipped with huge water slides, the leader among which is the Black Hole, which has a length of 212 meters, and equipped with built-in special effects in the form of light or sound surprises for all daredevils who decided to try it in practice! However, if you are not extreme, you can take advantage of smaller-scale slides, the length of which does not exceed 80 meters.

Bath procedures. Just imagine, this water park has 20 types of baths on its territory that can satisfy the needs of the most sophisticated user. By the way, the female audience will certainly appreciate the aromatic saunas, as well as bath procedures with cosmetic care in the form of masks for the body and face, using honey, dark chocolate, healing algae and premium sea salt!

Waterpark Druskininkai has a modern gym, the equipment of which is suitable for both fitness and bodybuilding.

After fun entertainment you need to eat, and here visitors can choose between a restaurant, cafe and bar, which are also located under the dome of the park, and have an exquisite menu for every taste.

The creators of the park did not ignore the children, creating a special zone for them, stylized as the Amazon rainforest, and having at its disposal a sandy beach, caves, bridges and obstacles located in a comfortable pool with heated water!

Separately, it should be mentioned that minors cannot visit the baths of this park. This is due to the fact that high temperatures can adversely affect the unformed child's body!

The entry price will depend on whether it is a weekday or a day off. If you want to save, visit this park on a weekday when prices are reduced. More on this in the list below.

  1. Students on weekdays must pay from 8 to 13 euros, and on weekends from 9 to 17.5 euros.
  2. Tickets for babies do not exceed the cost of 0.5 euros.
  3. Adults from 18 years old are forced to pay up to 23 euros for a weekday, and up to 30 for a weekend.
  4. Pensioners will be able to visit the park for 15 euros on weekdays, and for 25 euros on weekends.


The water park operates seven days a week, on weekdays it opens at 12 in the morning, and closes at 10 in the evening. On weekends, the park's doors open at 10 in the morning, and close at 11 in the evening. On Sunday, the complex is open until 9 p.m. Such a measured work schedule has a beneficial effect on the cleanliness of the park itself, and virtually eliminates its overcrowding by vacationers.

Around the lakes Drusconis and Vijunele

Vacationers and locals slowly walk along paved paths, ride bicycles, sit on benches, feed ducks, ride boats and catamarans.

The mandatory program includes photography on the steps of the "castle" - the city museum. On the other side of the lake is the old city cemetery. It’s not that I liked to walk around the cemeteries, but it was interesting to go behind the gate and see the old wooden and stone monuments. Near the memorial to Soviet soldiers, we came in May - on granite slabs with names lay flowers. From the fabulous wooden sculptures on this bank of Drusconis, the most photogenic view of the city opens. There is a beach on Lake Vijunele - you can swim and fish (you need a license). A well-groomed park with flowerbeds and sculptures is laid out between the ponds, and a Lithuanian restaurant is at the exit.

Vilnius Alley (Vilniaus al.)

The main pedestrian street Druskininkai starts from the church of Presv. Virgin Mary Scapular. On holidays, fairs are held in the alley. We found the city day and a big concert at the Concert Square. Opposite the Europa Royale Druskininkai, there is a light and music fountain. If you turn left from the monument to King Mindaugas, then you will go to the Church of the Icon of the Mother of God “Joy of All Who Sorrow,” unlike the church, it is not immediately visible. At the end of the Vilnius alley across the road will be the Dainava sanatorium with beautiful wooden buildings (end of the 19th century).

Hospital Park

This is the classic place to have a promenade after treatments. Here you want to walk in a hat with an umbrella. Along the embankment of the Neman River are located Waterpark, city hospital, hotel Europa Royale Druskininkai, Grand Spa Lietuva, restaurant "Colonnade". Be sure to go down to the only source of mineral water in Druskininkai, the “Source of Beauty”, go around and photograph the sculptures. At the end of the park is the pier and the Humpback Bridge across the Ratnichele River.

Musical square

Druskininkai is the city of M.K. Čiurlionis, reproductions of his paintings are here at every step, and at the beginning of Ciurlionio g. there is a memorial museum. We examined the building from the outside (in the summer I want to walk in the parks more). At the other end of this long street is a pretty “Musical Square”, each sculpture of which symbolizes a note. Photographers must climb inside the “gramophone”.

Once upon a time in Druskininkai there was a well-known park of "Solar, air and gymnastic procedures" by doctor Evgenia Levitskaya. We walked around its territory, looked at the overgrown stadium, destroyed cascades and baths. In May 2015, the city park reopened after reconstruction and is now called Health Park named after Carolis Dineika. Walking and jogging paths, playgrounds and sports fields were made, cascades with baths and an ion therapy area were restored (for a fee), group classes in gymnastics, Nordic walking, and yoga are held.

Park Grutas

The Museum of Soviet Sculptures in the open air is 9 km from Druskininkai. We arrived at the park on bicycles along the Gilvinas Trail. A place visited, but many, having learned the price of a ticket, are limited to inspecting the free part. During our visit, it began to rain, which we waited in the exhibit - a heating car. On the territory of 20 hectares there are collected monuments of the Soviet period, sculptures of Lenin, Stalin, Lithuanian leaders ... The main theme is occupation. You decide whether you are interested or not.

Shvendoubre village

It is located on the Star Orbit bicycle route. In my opinion, the most beautiful place is the entrance to the village where the Devil's Stone stands and wooden sculptures. The rest of the village is similar to our Russian, we did not go deep inside, so as not to disturb local residents and yard dogs. After Schwenbre, the Raigardas Valley begins, where we have not reached. They say that the city standing on this site went underground for the sins of its inhabitants and since then there has been poor energy there.

We traveled to this village by car (9 km from Druskininkai), but it’s much more romantic to take a boat trip along the Neman (marina opposite the restaurant “Colonnade”). In a beautiful place on a hill stands the former Dominican monastery. The church is active, in the basement is a museum.

Manor of Fat Romas (Storo Romo Sodyba)

This is an unofficial museum of folk crafts and life of Lithuania. The owner Romualdas "fat Romas" is an enthusiastic collector. On the estate there are 30 wooden sculptures, a real cannon, there is a wine cellar, a craftsman's house, a banquet hall, a bathhouse, an outdoor pool. Romas and his wife conduct training sessions on whipping butter and baking bread. The estate has a lot of different entertainments - in the summer trips on the stagecoach, in the winter on the sleigh. In the house you can stay for the night. Very colorful!

Druskininkai Information Center has published the booklet “Druskininkai. Health Resort ”(distributed free of charge). The booklet contains a detailed description of hiking and cycling, car routes, attractions and many other useful information. Tourist Information Offices on Gardino 3 and Ciurlionio 65.

Cost of visiting

The cost of the visit: it will depend on the day of the week (cheaper on weekdays), on whether you want to visit the bath area (this is for a fee) and how long the visit is designed. If a group of more than 11 people wants to visit the water park, then there will be significant discounts.

For an entire day, an adult will cost a ticket of 23.50 euros, children over 7 years old - 17.50 euros, and children 3-6 years old - 11 euros, up to 2 years old - 0.50 euros. You can find out more about prices on the water park website, and seasonal prices are added to the photos.

What kind of entertainment does the water park offer?

The main advantage of the water park is not only the variety of its entertainments, but also the real European approach to the issue of comfort and safety of visitors. The attention of all guests of the water park is attracted by an impressive pool, which is divided into several zones. Here you can not only have fun and relax, but also do gymnastics, get a hydromassage session and just swim. An interesting feature of the pool is that one part of it is in the open air.

Fans of active entertainment will enjoy a whole range of slides, starting from the simplest and shortest slide, and ending with the extreme BERMUDAI slide. This is a real leader among the slides, 212 meters with special effects will not leave anyone indifferent. For those who like easier descents, they can ride on slides such as SRAUTAS, the descent of which does not exceed 80 meters. Children are allowed on the slides from eight years.

For younger visitors, a children's play area has been created, designed in the form of real jungle. Here they will be able to explore mysterious caves, walk along mountain rivers, and lie on a sandy sea beach. In addition, monkey bridges, obstacles and even representatives of the fauna are waiting for them. Children from 5 to 14 years old are under the supervision of special personnel.

Waterpark in Druskininkai invites you to visit the bath complex, which includes 20 types of baths with various effects, procedures and climatic conditions. There are steam baths and steam rooms with dry steam. Special wellness programs with aromatherapy are developed, as well as procedures using salts, honey and brooms. Women will be able to attend cosmetic procedures for the face and body. There are programs for group and individual soaring with oak or birch brooms.

Under the roof of the water park there are 5 large buildings, each of which offers its own leisure options. In addition to swimming pools, water attractions and a jacuzzi, the complex includes a restaurant, spa and hotel.

Exciting slides and other water procedures always awaken appetite. It offers guests Druskininkai water park It offers cafes, bars and a restaurant. Stylized interiors of institutions and delicious food will leave no less pleasant impressions than attractions. At the water park you can visit the modern cinema - 5D CINEMA.

Water park location and ticket prices

Waterpark Druskininkai works seven days a week. On working days - from 12.00 to 10 pm. On holidays and weekends - from 10 am to 11 pm. On Sunday, the park closes at 9 pm.

The cost of tickets depends on the day of the week and the age of visitors. If you want to save money, then the water entertainment complex is best visited on weekdays. Ticket price:

  • for schoolchildren - from 8 to 13 euros on weekdays, from 9 to 17.5 euros on weekends,
  • for children under 5 years a ticket will cost up to 0.50 euros,
  • for adults from 18 years old - 23 euros on weekdays, up to 30 euros on holidays and weekends. People of retirement age can visit the park on weekdays for 15 euros, and on weekends for 25 euros.

Address: Lithuania, Druskininkai, Vilnius Alley 13 (Vilniaus al. 13-1, Druskininkai)
Phone for inquiries: + 3-706-103-05-55.
The official website of the Druskininkai water park:

There are three ways to get to the entertainment center:

  • By car. The journey from Moscow to the city of Druskininkaysk will take about 14 hours.
  • By train. There is no direct train to Druskininkai, only via Vilnius, there take a bus and go to Druskininkai. The entertainment center is located on the territory of the city park, it is impossible to pass it or not to find it.
  • By plane. This is the fastest, but also the most expensive option. The airport is located only in Vilnius, and then again to the bus station.

Water complex

The main thing in the water park is, of course, the pool. In the very center - large pool, impressive in size and with magnificent views from the windows, so you can feel almost in nature, while remaining in a comfortable temperature space.

If you still want fresh air, you can swim out into the open part of the pool, which is not indoors. Big the pool is divided into zones for training, relaxation, hydromassage, just swimming, gymnastics.

Well, for visitors who came for positive and vivid impressions, the water park in Druskininkai prepared slides - amazing water slides!

Here is the longest, most extreme slide BERMUDAI, which is also called the "Black Hole", because you have to 212 meters ride in the dark, getting a new light or sound surprise with every turn.

If you are not ready for such a feat, go to the SRAUTAS beginner’s slide - 80 meters on a special inflatable chamber will not leave indifferent both adults and children. True, children can ride only from the age of eight.

Arranging a shopping tour in Lithuania, you must visit the largest shopping centers, in this article read about just one of them, it is located in Vilnius.

Bath complex

The bath complex is located in Building B and includes 20 types of baths with different climatic conditions, procedures and effects.

So, there is also dry saunas, and steam bathsspecial programs have been developed with aromatherapyusing honey, salt, brooms.

There are saunas where effective cosmetic procedures are performed - body and face masks made of honey, chocolate, seaweed, sea salt. There are programs of group and individual soaring with birch or oak brooms.

The operating complex is located on the roof of the bath complex nudist beach for lovers to enjoy nature and themselves.

Fun and relaxation

Under the dome of the water park, 5 large buildings are united, each of which represents its own world and its own pastime options.

In addition to swimming pools, a jacuzzi and water attractions, the complex also includes a hotel, restaurant and SPA-centerto the maximum to satisfy all the needs and wishes of visitors.

Food at the water park

A good rest is impossible without high-quality and delicious food, so the water park has a kind of network of institutions - a restaurant, cafe and bar.

Stylized tropical interior Chili pica creates a special atmosphere in the spacious hall of the restaurant, combining exotics and comfort. Here you can have a great time with friends or family, as well as arrange various events, be it a corporate party or a celebration.

Cafe pizzeria Chili is a place for those who appreciate a bright and cheerful atmosphere, cheerful company and affordable prices.

Čili kava is not one, but three different bars. Under the large dome with neon bulbs is the Blue Bar, where you can relax after a visit to the bath.

Stylish VIP bar with retro furnishings, conquers with wooden finishes, creating a mood of respectable and elegant comfort.

And for lovers of unusual decisions and sensations - a bar right in the pool, where you can "sit" at the bar without getting out of the water.

If you value not only an active and healthy vacation, but also just an interesting leisure, visit 5D CINEMA - modern cinema with a huge selection of films, both short and long.

Genres and categories are also offered, ranging from fun children's cartoons to creepy thrillers and horrors.

Children's entertainment

In the water park in Druskininkai for spacious and already almost adult visitors created a spacious children's areastylized as a real jungle, where there are all the attributes: caves, a mountain river, a beach with sea sand, monkey bridges, obstacles and even animals!

It also has a special childcare staff from 5 to 14 years.

Prices in the water park

Entertainment Prices are divided into two categories: I-V - on weekdays, VI-VII - holidays and weekends. There is also a division into categories depending on the age of the visitor, the amount of time and the possibility of visiting the bath complex.

You can buy a ticket for 2-4 hours or a full day, only in the water park or in the pool and the bathhouse.

From Monday to Friday, the ticket costs from LTL 14 for children and seniors (age 60+) for 2 hours in the water park to LTL 45 for adults for the whole day.

Preliminary no reservation required. For groups (from 11 people) discounts are provided.

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Water park address

The water park is located in the small resort town of Druskininkai, famous for its sources.

130 km south of Vilnius, visitors will find stunning relaxation in an indoor water park at: Vilniaus al. 13, Druskininkai (Vilnius Alley 13, Druskininkai, Lithuania).