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The Baths of Cassiopeia

The Cassiopeia Baths are one of the best hydropathic centers in Europe and are recognized as a landmark in Badenweiler. This hydropathic institution is marked by five gold stars and ranks first in the ranking of health centers in Germany. This place attracts many tourists every year.

It offers people thousands of square meters of beautiful and healing water. In the terms of Cassiopeia, all types of baths and bathtubs are presented with a magnificent design and interior. A hydropathic center treats diseases of the joints, the spine, and there are also water gymnastics services that can effectively help guests relax. Plus, there are massage departments, baths with various oils and extracts.

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The resort since Roman times, the ruins of Roman buildings. The place of death of the German writer and politician Jacob Venedey (1871), the American writer Stephen Kerin (1900) and the Russian writer Anton Pavlovich Chekhov (1904), who were in treatment at the spa Badenweiler (died of tuberculosis).

The place where the active Protestant church of St. Paul stands is a historical place, which was a religious place of worship already in the times of the Roman Empire. The Romans built here in 145 AD a large podium temple, from which almost nothing remained. The temple stood on a "pile structure." The temple builders drove pointed oak piles into the loamy soil to provide the soil for this heavy building. The temple was Gallo-Roman with a classic Italian main facade, placed on a monumental catwalk.

In the 12th century, a Christian church was built on the ruins of a Roman temple. The church was in poor condition when it was demolished in 1892 and rebuilt as a Neo-Roman building between 1893 and 1898. During the digging of Roman walls and fragments of the walls of previous church buildings, they were discovered and included in the construction of a new church. In the tower of the previous church were discovered six frescoes of the XIVth century, which are now in the choir of the modern church. They show the so-called Dance of the Dead, where the living and the dead meet. On three skeletons there is an inscription: “We were who you are, who we will be.” It is addressed to three living (a child, a middle-aged man and an old man), whose clothes correspond to the fashion of noble people of the XIV century.

How to get to Badenweiler

The airport closest to the resort is in Basel, but there are no direct flights from both capitals. The fastest and most convenient way to get to Badenweiler is via Zurich. It should be noted right away that there will be several transfers on the trip, the journey will take about 3 hours. At Zurich Airport you need to catch a train to the Basel-SBB station (departure every hour, travel time 1 hour 20 minutes). Then drive to the Basel Badischer train station by tram number 2 (10 minutes). Take the train to Basel Badischer to Mülheim (once an hour, 35 minutes on the way). You can buy tickets and check the schedule at the office. website of the railway operator (in English).

Bus number 111 departs every hour directly from Mülheim train station to Badenweiler. After 20 minutes, it arrives at its destination.

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There is no classic urban public transport system in Badenweiler. Buses running along its streets are suburban; their routes connect the nearest settlements: Mülheim, Feldberg, Bad Krozingen, Lörrach. It is more convenient to travel around the city on foot or by bicycle - several rental points work here, plus some hotels give bikes for free. It is better to call a taxi in advance, as there are few cars. Parking is free on the territory of hotels, in the city all parking is paid.

Treatment in Badenweiler

The power of the springs of Badenweiler was discovered by the Romans, who built the baths here (their remains can be seen today). Sodium chloride mineral water is the main component of Badenweiler treatment courses and procedures. It emerges from the ground at an altitude of 420 m above sea level, warming up to + 26 ° C. It draws its healing power in the thickness of the Black Forest rocks. Badenweiler water eliminates cardiovascular diseases, rheumatic disorders, diseases of the musculoskeletal system, paralysis, post-stroke conditions, respiratory diseases and gynecological ailments. Local hospitals also accept patients who underwent surgery and diseases of the central nervous system for rehabilitation.

Badenweiler Hotels

Despite the size of the town, there are a huge number of accommodation options in Badenweiler. Small hotels with 20-30 rooms of the 3-4 * level prevail, the cost of a standard room in them is 60-70 EUR per day. Weekend packages at large spa hotels are popular. The amount of 220 EUR per person includes two overnights with breakfast and several spa treatments, including massage, aromatic baths and hammam. Apartments for 3-4 people cost about 60 EUR per night. There are no hostels.

Upon check-in at any Badenweiler hotel, all residents receive a Badenweiler Welcome Pass card. It gives discounts on visiting the term, dinners in some restaurants and most importantly - free travel through a fairly large area from Basel to Karlsruhe (detailed map in the booklet).

Cafes and restaurants

Most Badenweiler establishments specialize in fresh local produce. The land here is very fertile, local mushrooms, vegetables, fruits and herbs are literally filled with taste. Typical regional dishes: “flysuppe” (soup with thin bread sticks), “bibiliskyas” (cheese with herbs), “shupfnudeln” (thin noodles and potatoes), “kirsplotzer” (cherry pie).

Dinner for two with wine in a restaurant will cost 40-50 EUR, in a cafe - 25-40 EUR. With fast food, things don't matter - there are literally several places in the city where you can take a hamburger or “dener” with a bottle of cola (3-5 EUR).

Sights of Badenweiler

Badenweiler is an amazing harmony of the Black Forest nature and spa architecture of the 18-19 centuries. And perhaps the best example of such a productive interaction is considered Kurpark on Schlossplatz, 2. This is one of the largest botanical gardens in Germany with an area of ​​220 thousand square meters. m was created more than 250 years ago. There are forests of old sequoias, lovingly arranged flower beds, rare shrubs, cozy glades, fountains and waterfalls.

At the top of the hill, the slopes of which are covered with green carpet of the Kurpark, are the ruins of the ancient 12th century Baden fortress. From the remains of its walls, a stunning panorama of the Rhine Valley and the Black Forest opens. By the way, most of the castle was restored recently, in the 1980s.

Next to the most popular spa in the city of Cassiopeia Thermal Baths on Ernst Eisenlorstrasse, 1 is one of Badenweiler's main attractions - the ruins of Roman baths. According to experts, this is the best preserved antique bath complex to the north of the Alps. Its length is 93 m and its width is 33 m. It is divided into two symmetrical parts (for men and women) - a rarity for that time. The ruins are located under a glass roof; newlyweds often spend their photoshoots in their surroundings. The fact is that during the excavations they discovered an old brooch with the Latin inscription "Do you love me?" Archaeologists have suggested that lovers came to terms on a date.

Treatment in clinics of Freiburg

Thermal springs are the main attraction of the Black Forest. They have been known for over 2000 years. Even the Romans knew about their healing power. Today Freiburg is a wellness and spa treatment center. The pools of thermal and balneological complexes are filled with carbonic mineral water with a high content of calcium sulfate, sodium sulfate and bicarbonate salt.

Bathing in the springs is shown atdiseases of the cardiovascular system, musculoskeletal system, respiratory tract, as well as in depressive states, chronic fatigue syndrome and functional disorders of the nervous system. The combination with the wonderful mountain air of the Black Forest shows excellent results. Directly in Freiburg is the Keidel Mineral-Bad mineral pool complex.

Here from a depth of 850 m hot springs are beating. Due to its rich mineral composition of water, springs are capable of to alleviate pain in case of spinal injuries and rheumatic diseases. It is no coincidence that next to the complex is the most famous orthopedic rehabilitation clinic. Not far from Freiburg are the thermal complexes of Bad Krozingen and Badenweiler.

At the end of the park, a domed thermal complex, located close to the ruins of Roman terms, is inscribed in the mountain. Only huge glass separates them, creating the illusion that you are not in a modern pool, but in Roman baths. Cassiopeia therma is recognized as one of the best hydropathic centers in Europe - a thousand square meters of life-giving water.

At your service, all types of bathtubs and baths with luxurious interiors and design, immersed in the paradise idyll of park greenery. 3.800 sq. m health and wellness under one roof. Well-known medical sources. Well-groomed atmosphere and magnificent architecture.

Quiet location with walking access to the main places of rest. You can walk to the spa park and the Cassiopeia-Therme spa. Comfortable and stylish rooms feature classic décor. All rooms have modern bathrooms, satellite TV, telephone, internet, clock radio, desk, safe, minibar, balcony.Hotel "Panacee Grand Hotel Roemerbad"

The history of the classic hotel Hotel Roemerbad 4 * dates back more than 180 years today. The hotel is located in the city center and is surrounded by 2.5 hectares of park. Just a few minutes walk to the pedestrian zone and Cassiopeia term. The hotel has a unique atmosphere and style, as well as excellent service that has developed over the years.