Ladoga skerries


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Pitkäranta: useful information

BusSortavala highway, A-121 highway
TrainStation "Stop point 168th kilometer"

Ladoga skerries - a rocky archipelago on Lake Ladoga. The skerry region stretches along the north and north-west coasts, landmarks on land are the village of Berezovo in the west, and the city of Pitkäranta in the east. About 650 small rocky islands, as well as steep cliffs, are concentrated on this territory. The relief of the nearest coast is rugged, stony. Centuries-old cliffs go deep under the water - exactly as much as they rise.

Ladoga skerries are no less interesting in winter: the lake freezes and skiing becomes more relevant, and the skerries themselves are more and more resembling Norwegian fjords. The very unusual word skerry is borrowed from the Norwegian language and is translated as an archipelago. The largest islands of the Ladoga skerries are Kilpola, Putsari, Kuhka, Lauvatsari and Sorolansari. All this splendor arose on the shores of Lake Ladoga as a result of protruding ice layers on the part of the mainland, which was eventually flooded by the sea so that only the highest land areas were visible above the surface in the form of small islands and rocks. The islands are predominantly composed of crystalline rocks.

National Park Ladoga Skerries

Despite the fact that the Ladoga skerries are a unique natural complex and a popular attraction, a conservation entity in the territory has been created for a decade. Discussion of the status of the national park has been ongoing since the 1990s. Some territories remain controversial.

The idea of ​​creating a national park appeared in 2007. Ecologists, activists and local residents have long sought to create a nature reserve. This is important not only for the region, but also for the whole country - the park is rich in rare species of animals and plants and has a unique specific microclimate. The future state-protected natural area includes the Petsevara massif, Putsaari island (formerly St. Sergius island), as well as a part of the water area of ​​one kilometer wide. The total area of ​​the reserve will be 122 thousand hectares, and each meter is absolutely unique. So far, the process of creating a national park stands still.

What to see

“Lamb foreheads” are one of the most recognizable rocky ledges of skerries. The protrusions have a rounded shape due to the centuries-old impact of glaciers, located very close to each other, the locals nicknamed them “curly cliffs”. There is also an opinion that the nature of their origin is not glacial but tectonic.

Another notable feature of the Ladoga skerries is the “Reef Mountains”. Rocky cliffs are called reef mountains. Pekanriutta Reef in Myakisalo rises 92 meters and Mount Kontiosuo 89 meters above sea level. On some rocks limestones act. This contributes to the growth of rare plant species that, under ordinary conditions, do not grow in a given climatic latitude.

In the summer, tourists go to watch Ladoga skerries by kayaking, go fishing in this picturesque area, and fishing lovers will especially enjoy the Ladoga skerries. The summer season lasts from May to October. Lake Ladoga abounds with 53 species of fish: trout, salmon, rudd, bream, zander, pike, perch, catfish, burbot and many others.

In addition to fishing, it will pleasantly surprise you to pick ecologically clean berries and mushrooms, they are abundant here. But caution should be observed, sometimes snakes are found. On the rocks and in dense grassy thickets you can stumble on vipers. Of the fauna in the park, snakes, roe deer, beavers and ducks predominate.

From St. Petersburg and Petrozavodsk organized overview three-day tours with accommodation and railway transportation. You can buy them at the travel agencies of the city. In the Ladoga skerries themselves, you can purchase panoramic one-day excursions at any camp site.

It is strictly forbidden to leave trash in the territory of the natural park, and it is unlikely to want to do it in such beauty. Also, do not go out into the water without life jackets and in bad weather.

How to get to the Ladoga skerries from Petrozavodsk and St. Petersburg

The route to the skerry district on Ladoga can be different. Options from Petrozavodsk: by bus to Pitkäranta (closer to the skerries) or to Sortavala (there are more flights to this city). There are regular flights to Sortavala from St. Petersburg.

Also on the route "Sortavala - Kuznechnoye" trains run No. 6452, 6451, 6458, 6457. The station closest to the Ladoga skerries is called "Stop point 168th kilometer."

It is most convenient to get by personal transport. The road to the nature park itself already guarantees an unforgettable experience. Karelia is the land of winding roads, steep descents and ascents and incredible landscapes created by nature itself. In pursuit of the best views, you will have to sail to the skerries by boat or kayak, in winter - get on the ice.

Getting to the skerries will take a long time with any choice of transport, therefore it is better to go for at least a couple of days. In warm times, you can stay in tents. Fans of comfort will be pleased with a large selection of recreation centers with rooms for any wallet. At the bases you can also rent water transport and spinning, both for several hours and for several days.

Panorama of Ladoga skerries:

Overview of Ladoga skerries from Youtube:

Hotel Description

Hotel Dachi Maryalahti, located in Sortavala at Mikli Village, is a popular destination for tourists from all over the world who come to Russia.

Its attractiveness is not only that the cost of the hotel for 1 night is low, but it is also favorably located near transport interchanges, attractions and other popular places of unprecedented interest.

The city center is only 26.28 km away. For a visual representation of the location of the Hotel Dachi Maryalahti, we recommend using an interactive map.

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