Castle in Ravadinovo “In love with the wind”


Most tourists who come to Bulgaria from around the world try to combine a magnificent beach holiday with a sightseeing one. In this sunny country there are many attractions, memorials and original works of architecture. One of them, undoubtedly, is the castle “In Love with the Wind”. So the owner and builder of the amazing building Georgi Tumpalov romantically called it.

Where is the castle located?

Externally, the structure resembles a medieval castle, but this is a delusion. This is a modern building, located near the resort town of Sozopol (Bulgaria), in the small village of Ravadinovo, which is located almost on the Black Sea coast. Even today, despite the incomplete construction, you can visit it and appreciate the courage and originality of the architectural solution of the author.

Sozopol, Ravadinovo Castle

This is a fairly popular resort located on the Black Sea on a peninsula thirty-six kilometers from Burgas. The town is one of the oldest on the coast: scientists say that the first settlements here were back in the Bronze Age.

For centuries, Sozopol (Bulgaria) was a tiny fishing village, and only in the twenties of the last century it began to develop rapidly as a resort. Today it is well known far beyond the borders of the country as a place where you can relax on one of the two well-equipped beaches. Exactly from this city are excursion groups consisting of those who want to see with their own eyes the castle of Ravadinovo (Bulgaria).

In Sozopol, a small amphitheater is well preserved. Experts believe that it looks much more attractive than in Nessebar, although it is not as impressive as in Plovdiv.

Ravadinovo - an old Bulgarian village

It became known to the whole world after a former athlete, and later police officer Georgi Tumpalov, began to build his own "medieval" castle on this land. This idea came about almost twenty years ago, but today the construction is still not completed. Despite this, tourists can visit the magnificent building, immerse themselves in the atmosphere of the Middle Ages, masterfully and very accurately recreated by the author.

About the construction of the castle

Construction work began in 1997. Before they began, Georgi traveled a lot and paid special attention to traveling castle architecture. He designed his creation himself. According to him, he is engaged in construction together with his two sons, as well as a small brigade consisting of local residents. They deliver the stones for construction to the site, mining them on Strandzha Mountain. It is located near the Bulgarian-Turkish border, about 70 km from the village.

Now for the interesting numbers. The construction of the castle has already taken about sixteen thousand tons of stone. Think about these values: ordinary KAMAZ can maximize accommodate no more than 13 tons. But in fact, no more than 10 tons of stones can be loaded into the body. Thus, a small team (about 20 people) had to load and then unload about 1,600 KAMAZ trucks over the years. In addition, fifty tons of gilded copper went into construction.

In 2009, when Ravadinovo Castle (Bulgaria) was already known and tourists began to visit it, the authorities, in particular the Nessebar prosecutor’s office, had questions to the owner about the origin of the funds for such a serious project. After all, back in those years, the castle was estimated at about four million euros. But apparently, Tumpalov was able to submit all the necessary documents.

Castle description

Ravadinovo Castle (Bulgaria) covers an area of ​​five thousand square meters. Inside are sixty spacious rooms. The interiors are antique: carved furniture, oak floors, stucco molding on the ceilings, stained glass arched windows, walls trimmed with precious metals. The atmosphere of the castle is literally saturated with luxury and wealth.

Ravadinovo Castle resembles the work of the great Gaudi, with some elements of Byzantine architecture. The magnificent structure is surrounded by a magnificent park with elegant wrought iron gazebos and a pond, through which graceful swans swim, and the air is saturated with the aroma of numerous flowers. There are many exotic trees and shrubs: tiger lilies are very harmoniously combined with small palm trees.

The walls of the castle are surrounded by green ivy. Ravadinovo Castle (Bulgaria) is decorated with sculptural compositions located in the garden. They further enhance the medieval flavor of this grandiose building. The park has a very beautiful pond. It is inhabited by white and black swans. And in another artificial pond splashing fish of noble breeds.

After the tour, guests can relax and dine in a cozy restaurant, enjoy Bulgarian wine from the owner's cellar.


In summer, the castle has an attraction for adults - “Ghostbusters”. Visitors are invited to find ghosts in the dungeons of the castle. And for younger guests, an excellent playground with a trampoline is equipped. Kids can play it for free. After the final completion of construction, the owner plans to open a tourist complex here.

Ravadinovo Castle (Bulgaria) today can be visited by everyone. An excursion from Sozopol can be presented in two versions: with a visit to the Ropotamo nature reserve or with a visit to the picturesque Ravadinovo castle. When buying tickets, be sure to check its route.

In the first case, tourists on a boat go for a walk in the Ropotamo reserve, where you can see various turtles and other forest inhabitants. In the second case, you will go directly to Ravadinovo Castle (Bulgaria). The territory, and the structure itself, is really impressive. Here you can take great photos as a keepsake. A visit to Burgas - a large port city - the tour ends.

What else to see in the castle?

In addition to the building itself, on a vast territory surrounded by a high fence, you can see:

  • a small aviary with pigeons of different breeds,
  • plot for chickens and geese,
  • peacocks that are important to walk around the territory,
  • the wine cellar of the owner of the castle, it is a little away from the main building, it will offer you to buy wine, but be prepared for the fact that its price significantly exceeds the store price,
  • a small chapel
  • a pool with a statue installed in the center, in which several large sturgeons swim,
  • the statue of G. Tumpalov, which is located at the entrance,
  • Pay attention to the knightly armor standing in the cellar, as well as in the castle.

Ravadinovo: useful information

BusSozopol - Burgas flight

The castle “In Love with the Wind” in the village of Ravadinovo (the birthplace of the famous Bulgarian poet Hristo Fotev) is located several kilometers from Sozopol. This is a relatively new, but has already managed to become one of the most popular, the attraction of this popular Bulgarian resort region among tourists.

The history of the construction of the castle, which seemed to come down to us from the pages of a fairy tale about knights and kings, is as follows: a former police officer, now an architect Georgi Tumpalov, who loved castles and devoted a lot of time to studying them, decided to build his own castle instead of a hacienda on his site dreams.

He surrounded it with a green park, fountains, grottoes, dug and ennobled the ponds and lakes in which swans swim, built bridges, created exotic garden buildings.

By the way, where did the name “In Love with the Wind” come from? Having visited Ravadinovo, Georgi admired the beauty of these places and noted that there is always a pleasant breeze blowing memories of wanderings.

The arched gate leading to the castle is a copy of the gate of Hadrian (a monument of Ancient Rome, standing in Turkish Antalya).

The project is still not completed - the construction has been going on for several decades by the forces of one small construction team (only 20 people). In the future, a luxury hotel with a large spa area is expected to appear in the castle (there are simply no analogues in Bulgaria). But much has already been done and there is something to see.

The complex is stylized as a medieval castle and fits perfectly into the landscape - in the middle of the countryside such a structure looks very organic. Once here, you literally fall into the past. Gothic building with four towers, decorated with gilded sculptures and numerous arches. It, despite the fact that the construction is not yet completed, attracts hundreds and thousands of tourists annually.

According to the owner of the castle, construction has already taken more than 50 tons of copper and tens of thousands of tons of stone. By the way, stones were brought here from Turkey, from Strandja Mountain. The main building material is marble limestone. The main feature of this material is that it changes color depending on the time of day.

At the very beginning of construction, Georgi planted ivy against the walls, which over the years managed to encircle the castle.

By the way, there is already a small zoo in the castle where peacocks, pheasants and horses live. There is also a restaurant with its own wine cellar (the variety of wines is impressive), located at a depth of 12 meters. In the center of the cellar there is a grotto with stalactites and stalagmites - a bewitching sight.

In the future, Georgi plans to start raising golden trout in one of the ponds.

On the 1st floor of the castle is a workshop in which elements are created to decorate the territory of the castle and the main building. On the territory there is a church with amphorae built into the walls. In the castle itself you can also see more than 60 ready-made rooms with oak fields, thrones and unique carved furniture.

By the way, the castle has already been visited by many famous people from around the world. Georgi reports that he receives various investment offers, but he does not consider the sale of his brainchild. By the way, with any luck, you can see the owner himself, since he lives here.

And another attraction - a stone with a message to Georgi to his descendants: "Sinners! What have you done? How did you live? I built a castle with a lake and raised 2 beautiful children". Can not argue.

Prices in the castle Ravadinovo

The entrance fee to the castle is 20 leva, which is about 10 euros.

This price includes:

  • Visiting the castle grounds,
  • Visit to the zoo,
  • A visit to the well of desires
  • The opportunity to see bronze statues and marble statues,
  • Visit the wine cellar
  • Visiting the chapel
  • Access to the playground
  • Car parking,
  • An opportunity to watch a movie in a summer cinema in the castle.

Discounts apply for the following categories:

  • Children under 7 years old go to the Castle for free.
  • There is also a discount for children from 7 to 12 years old, for them a ticket will cost only 10 leva (5 euros).
  • Children from 12 to 18 years pay 15 leva.
  • The entrance for the disabled costs 10 leva.
  • Pensioners can go to the castle for 14 leva.

There is a list of additional paid services:

  • Wine tasting - 25 leva,
  • Access to the art gallery - 5 leva,
  • Wedding photo session - 150 leva (plus entrance fees),
  • Quest "Find the treasure" - 10 leva.

How to get to the castle in Ravadinovo

From Sozopol to Ravadinovo only 6 km. You can easily overcome this distance on foot or take the bus from Sozopol to Burgas, it stops right in the center of Ravadinovo. Bus schedule - on the website of the BurgasBus carrier.

Or you can call a taxi through the Uber app and drive to the castle by car.

Kid resume

If you think that beautiful knightly castles come from the deep Middle Ages, you are deeply mistaken. One such unusual construction is available only a few kilometers from the town of Sozopol in the village of Ravadinovo. Here the local craftsman Georgi Tumpalov, together with his sons, built a real knight's castle. This, in the literal sense of the word, rarity is about 20 years old, but it looks like the real medieval dwelling of a rich nobleman. The castle’s area is about 5000 square meters, there are as many as 60 rooms with floors made of real solid oak, and the cost of an architectural masterpiece, according to experts, is no less than 3 million euros.

According to a number of sources, Georgi spent a lot of precious metals on the construction of his family nest. Gilded copper alone took 50 tons! One can imagine that the former wrestler and the first chief of the private police in the city of Sozopol erected for the monumental castle. He called his brainchild Georgi “In love with the wind” (“In love with vyatra”), thereby expressing his love for long journeys, with which the blowing breeze is inextricably associated. It is known that several wealthy buyers (including those from other countries) have already laid eyes on his property, but Tumpalov did not give a stranger a meter in his huge house. Now he gives his compatriots and visitors the opportunity to visit the mansions of his castle for just 10 leva.

On the territory of the castle there really is something to see. In a small but well-groomed pond, white and black swans gracefully swim, a small neat church is located nearby (what a knight’s castle without a church?), The walls enclosing the structure are covered with soft ivy, and reigns in the whole garden full of stone sculptures and wooden figures calm and pacification. The unique building material, which is the basis for the entire architectural structure, marble limestone, is able to change its color depending on the lighting. So, in the morning it is pink, in the afternoon it is boiling white, and in the evening under the sunset rays of the sun it becomes yellow-orange. The castle looks especially majestic on the full moon. At this time, he looks more like a ghost than a real structure.

The castle is very large, it has separate entrances. One of them leads to the owner’s personal wine cellar with an art gallery. If you are lucky enough to meet him in a good mood, then he will most likely treat you with a glass of wine.