Limassol Zoo


The resort, located in the south of Cyprus, is famous for its beautiful beaches, ancient ruins, cathedrals and medieval palaces. It attracts a variety of entertainment for both adults and kids. The zoo in Limassol invites families with children to get acquainted with the formidable and good-natured inhabitants of the jungle, African savannahs and deserts, with the fauna of the island, and observe the behavior of wild and domestic animals.


Tourists who come to rest in Cyprus, without problems, find a zoo in Limassol. In a small area created conditions close to the natural habitat of animals. The spacious enclosures accommodate several groups of animals that get along, play, and not fight. An amazing corner of nature is located on the waterfront, occupies part of the Municipal Park, and serves not only as a place for walking, but also as a center for the study of fauna, introduces schoolchildren and students to the behavior and characters of animals.

A bit of history

In the zoo, which celebrated its 50th anniversary, lions and tigers were waiting for food in the pavilions in the nineties; bears and lynxes were kept in cramped cages. During the next financial crisis, animals began to starve, and the authorities of Limassol were forced to close the zoological park for reconstruction. The territory for the living of animals was expanded to 110 thousand square meters. meters and landscaped:

  1. They broke the lawns and flower beds.
  2. Planted trees and flowering shrubs.
  3. Set up shops.
  4. Placed fountains.

At the entrance to the zoo, a deer meets visitors, birds, wild and domestic animals, kangaroos, llamas, crocodiles and turtles feel comfortable here.

Kids spend a lot of time near the pavilions, which contain mischievous and active monkeys. Children enthusiastically watch how monkeys and tamarines are played - primates with long white hair. Fast hares from Patagonia, gophers that constantly gnaw at something, have taken root in the menagerie. Visitors to the zoological park like brisk and restless meerkats who make funny sounds. Miniature inhabitants of African deserts equip burrows, dig intricate moves.

Antelopes behave themselves worthily, they make the Wallaby kangaroo jumps, it is important to pace the spacious pavilion, and the mouflons living in the forests of Cyprus boast of swirling heavy horns. The population of these mountain sheep was almost exterminated until a reserve was created on the island. Ponds are chosen by otters and martens that live in an aviary that resembles an aquarium.

A lot of birds settled in the zoo. I liked bright parrots in a cozy corner of nature, feels like a mistress, likes to boast of the beautiful color of barn owl feathers. The ears of the predator are located asymmetrically, she perfectly hears sounds at different angles, goes hunting at night. The owl in the park gets along with a bearded owl, since they do not have to share food.

In artificial ponds, ducks hunt for fish, swans swim, and graceful flamingos and clumsy pelicans walk in shallow water.

How fast-footed Emu ostriches brought from faraway Australia feel at home in the zoo do not want to fly gray cranes.

Reptile house

In separate "apartments" pythons and boas, iguanas and monitor lizards settled. Cyclures live here, which in nature live only on the Caribbean islands. Red tubinambis from Argentina adapted to the unusual environment. The lacquered lizard, sensing danger, opens its mouth so that a bright collar becomes visible. The reptile rises on its hind legs, hits the ground with its tail and hisses. A huge caiman settled near the pond, which is much more dangerous than a formidable lizard only in appearance.

Contact Zoo Area

Kids love animals, and with enthusiasm they watch young goats frolic, ducks swim in the pond, travel ponies with pleasure, ride donkeys. At the mini-farm, the kids happily feed funny Vietnamese pigs and rabbits. Important turkeys, gluttonous chickens feel caring for themselves.

The educational center

Young visitors are expected not only on the mini-farm, near the enclosures, but also in the classes, where classes are held for schoolchildren and young children.

The programs of the training center are dedicated to the protection of nature, but are organized in the form of a game and are interesting for young visitors. In clear, warm weather, animals are told about animals in different continents in open-air cages. Parents are invited to the seminars.

Research Center

It is convenient to observe the inhabitants of the kingdom of animals thanks to the location of the enclosures and is safe, since they are all fenced. Plates tell us about habits and the habitat of each species of fauna. Researches in the field of wildlife are carried out by students of Limassol. On a spacious well-groomed territory there was a place for a scientific center.


The last reconstruction in the zoo of Limassol was carried out several years ago. Benches and gazebos are set in the shade. There is a safe area for younger visitors:

On weekends, children travel around the territory by mini-train.

Souvenirs are sold in the kiosk, in the cafe you can drink juice or mineral water, enjoy desserts, ice cream.

Mode of operation

Regardless of the season, the park opens from 9am. From 10.00 they begin to feed its inhabitants, parents with kids hurry to come to this time. Menagerie works:

  • in the summer months - until 19.00,
  • in March and October - until 17:00,
  • April, May - until 18:00,
  • from November to February - until 16.00.

The zoo does not accept visitors on New Year's holiday and on Easter. The animal kingdom does not work - 12/25 and 15/08.

How to get there

To get to the Zoo in Limassol, you need to take a city bus and get off at the MunicipalGallery stop, from where the main entrance is already visible. From the promenade to the Municipal Garden in a few minutes reach on foot. During a walk through the cozy territory, both children and adults learn a lot about the fauna of the planet, get acquainted with the inhabitants of different continents.

Why you will like the zoo in Limassol

The Cyprus Zoo in Limassol dates back over 50 years. This is an ideal place where you can bring children to watch the life of wild animals. Here you can watch animals from various parts of our amazing Blue Planet. Among the local fauna: llamas, kangaroos, ostriches, flamingos, primates, snakes, crocodiles, goats, sheep, turtles, hippos, meerkats, otters, rabbits, waterfowls and animals, antelopes and other representatives of the animal world.

The zoo in Limassol is waiting for guests! He has prepared many surprises for you:

  1. All animals live in spacious open-air cages, where the natural conditions of their living are recreated as much as possible.
  2. Thanks to careful and regular leaving, there is no unpleasant characteristic smell.
  3. A group of different animal species lives in the enclosures, which were selected in such a way that they get along well with each other.
  4. There is even a mini-farm where pets and birds live. This is the contact zoo of Limassol, where you can not only watch its inhabitants, but also touch them, feed and play.
  5. A two-tier aquarium is open on the territory of the zoological garden where you can watch the life of fish of various species.
  6. Every Sunday a fascinating entertainment program is organized for young visitors. Special delight in children will be caused by riding on the mini-train through the territory of the zoological garden.

Limassol Zoo is open daily throughout the year. He cordially opens his doors to many guests from 09:00. However, in the summer, the zoo closes at 19:00, in the winter at 16:00.