Bo Phut Beach - comfortable for living and relaxation


- beach quality
- suitability for bathing
- protection against waves
- safety for children in the water
- infrastructure district
- entertainment and night rest
- shopping

Beach and Bophut area (Bo Phut, Bo Put) located in the north of Koh Samui in a cozy bay (Bophut beach on the map of Koh Samui). The length of the beach is 3 kilometers. At the same time, the Bophut district continues further inland of Samui for about two more kilometers, so, in general, this is a rather large territory. Although a beach has formed around a small fishing village, today it is a fully developed area, almost a whole city.

Bophut Beach very similar to the neighboring Mae Nam. It is the same moderately clean and in some places even beautiful. There is coarse sand and a sharp bottom under the water, which makes swimming here very convenient, but relaxing with children is not the safest. The influence of the tides is practically not felt. Water is not very clear.

But at the same time, unlike Mae Nam beach, which looks more like a village, life is in full swing here. The area is very developed and noisy, and second only to Chaweng and Lamai in popularity. The tourist infrastructure is well developed, there are many hotels, including inexpensive ones, restaurants and cafes, travel agencies and motorbike rental, a floating children's town. There are also bars with girls, just there are not so many of them and they are not as noisy as in Chaweng. But the highlight of Bophut is that local restaurants are stylized for different eras and cultures, which attracts a large number of serious wealthy tourists from Europe. On Fridays, in the marina area, traffic is blocked and the pedestrian Walking Street opens, where perhaps the island’s best night market operates. But that's not all. If you move around the area a little inland on the ring road, you will get to the largest hypermarkets of the Big-C, Makro and Tesco Lotus islands (see more about stores in Samui), a karting track and shooting range.

Get to Bophut Beach easily by taxi Songteo from the pier in Nathon for 50 baht (see Thai currency and exchange rate). From Samui Airport, a taxi to Bophut costs from 500 baht, a minivan ride - 130 baht.

Beach description

In the middle of Bo Phut is the Fisherman Village - the Fisherman Village, which is both a fishing pier, a local attraction, a night market and Walking Street Bo Phut. The entire beach can be visually divided into two halves: the western one from W-Retreat Koh Samui to Fisherman and the eastern one, from Fisherman to Orgasmic. The western part is more lively, with lots of hotels along the coastline.

The eastern part is spoiled by the mouth of the stinky river and shallow water. The sand on the beach is shallow, light yellow, lighter than on Maenam. In shallow water, sand becomes redder, coral debris and a scattering of stones are added. Cleanliness is maintained in the western part, since there is a continuous row of hotels along the coast, and in the east, no one deals with the beach.

There is a lot of garbage, both natural and human origin. Especially frustrating are the blue pipes of the spillway, which stick out from under the houses of the Fisherman Village and in some places poison the water (I hope this is water) directly on the sand.

The beach is very popular, and in the peaks of the season you do not always feel comfortable here. It happens that people lie at your fingertips. In the west, shallow water does its job, people come to sit on the beach or dine in restaurants overlooking the sea. In case anyone is interested in reading about other places, I have a brief overview of all the beaches of Samui, will help you decide on the choice of beach.

Entry into the water, depth and waves

There are few deep beaches in Samui. Bo Phut is distinguished by its deep water, therefore it is popular among people who do not want to get into the crowds of Chaweng, but Maenam is also not comfortable with excessive calm.

Bo Phut, in its western part, does not suffer from low tides, here you can always swim humanly and sunbathe. Depth up to two meters becomes already in 10-15 m from the coast. The eastern part of Bo Bhuta with low tides becomes unsightly, somewhat reminiscent of Tong Plu, which is also located on the northern coast of Samui.

Sunbeds and shadow

The entire western part of Bo Phut is replete with beach equipment. Sun loungers, beach umbrellas, tables - there is everything. Not everywhere, these things are offered for rent, but no one forbids walking for a walk. Sources of natural shade on Bo Phut are mainly palm trees, growing along the coast in large numbers. Not to Maenam, with its palm groves, but still a good shelter from the sun for the kids.

Beach photo


As on Maenam, life on Bo Phut subsides with the onset of darkness. Most of the establishments and shops are closed, only cafes, restaurants and macaques work. Fans of a walk before bedtime and bumping into other fans of the same evening exercise help out the proximity of Fisherman Village.

In the evening he does not sleep, offering souvenirs, clothes, a huge selection of international cuisine to the walkers. Fisherman has one of the best Indian restaurants, and on Fridays there are night fairs that gather crowds of people.

Bo Phut has all the amenities and services of Koh Samui. Banks, ATMs, laundries, equipment rental, cars and motor services, gas stations, markets, night markets, cafes, restaurants, water machines, pumping stations, taishops and large household goods, furniture and leather workshops, etc.

On the western part of the beach there are mainly hotel entertainments, beach nets for volleyball, kayaks, jet skis. A huge inflatable water attraction with slides and floating islands is organized for children. Exactly the same is on Chaweng.

In the east, there are free-standing bars, on the banks more often open-type restaurants are found. One attraction near Bo Phut is the Buddhist temple Bo Phuttharam, in which a large figure of a monk was recently built. Also in the courtyard of the temple make a mobile weekly fair.

Somewhere since 2015, The Warf shopping center has opened on Bo Put. On a large territory adjacent to the sea, a whole complex of one-two-story buildings was built, where souvenir shops, cafes and restaurants are located. In the 17-18th year, more than half of the premises in the depths of the shopping center were already empty due to the greed of the owner, who set space rental prices.

Beach houses and hotels

More than two dozen hotels are located on the beach of Bo Phut, located between the Ring Road and the sea. There are vacant lots, but in general - Bo Phut is one of the most built-up beaches of the island. If a hotel vacation is not attractive to you, for some reason, then you can always cross the road and start searching for the ring.

The choice of housing is huge, houses stand up to one and a half kilometers inland. However, it should be borne in mind that houses closer to large shops and centers are more expensive.

  • Samui Palm Beach Resort & Hotel
  • Ibis Samui Bophut with a sleek interior design
  • Anantara Bophut Resort & Spa
  • Hansar samui resort & spa
  • Peace Resort Beachfront Bungalow Accommodation
  • The small, cozy The Lodge is located directly on the beach, just like the Bungalows at Bophut - very simple wooden bungalows.

If you want to book a hotel here in advance or to look for accommodation on other beaches, I have a selection of hotels in Samui with good ratings and reviews.

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How to find a beach

The beach is too long to pose a water access problem. The only thing to note is that the western part is entirely full of hotels. You can go through their territory, no one will shoot, but usually communication with staff takes time and mood, because strangers from the street are not at all welcome.

It’s better to drive to the only traffic light on Bo Phut, turn left and call into Fisherman’s territory. Better yet, so as not to clash with pedestrians on a narrow street, drive to the second entrance to the village. There, drop the bike in a large parking lot and go to the beach, it is the same everywhere in the west. At the same time, take a look at the Bo Phut piers and take a stroll around the Fishing Village itself.

Beach map

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Bophut Beach on the map

As mentioned above, Bophut on the map of Samui is located in the north of the island. The beach's neighbors are Maenam Beach and Big Buddha Beach (Bang Rak). The same name - Bophut - is also the administrative district, which includes Chaweng. Despite the high cost inherent in the beach, on its territory you can see ancient buildings - shops and other buildings. On the beach there is the so-called Fisherman’s Village - one of the first settlements on the island, located in the eastern part of the beach. The preserved buildings were to become a symbol of the uniqueness and primitiveness of Koh Samui. Currently, this settlement is a walking street where cafes, restaurants, bars, and boutiques of both the old Sino-Thai construction and modern are located. By the way, it should be noted that among the buildings of modernity, a reigning French bias can be noted. This is due to a large number of French immigrants. There are very few cheap establishments in this area of ​​the beach.

Friday brings a special rhythm to Bophut Koh Samui Beach. It is on Fridays, after 5 pm, a Walking Street is held in the Fisherman's Village - pedestrians move along the street previously intended for automobile traffic, they sell various drinks, national dishes, clothes, and musicians play there.

It should be noted that the main promenade is stretched along the coastline of the sea, which is not typical for Samui. On both sides of the street are expensive restaurants. On the beach there is a pier - a place where you can go diving to the nearest islands. As housing, there are both luxurious and well-known hotels, and fairly affordable houses. True, the latter are not so many.

Beach condition

What will the reviews of vacationers tell us about Bophut Beach in Samui? The sand of the beach of Bophut Samui is large, yellow. The coastline is inclined. The entrance to the water is convenient everywhere, a few steps from the shore is already deep, however, the water does not differ in its transparency, but the color of the sea is very beautiful. It is very comfortable to swim in the sea, because there are practically no high waves - because of the location in the bay, the sea is always calm. Palm trees are rarely found on the beach - as a rule, only in its western part. Due to the lack of shade it is hot enough. By the way, in the morning the beach is quite empty - vacationers come to the beach mainly in the afternoon. There are few Russian tourists, mostly foreigners, many Germans. There are no private beaches, since in Thailand the coastline is the property of the king. The beach is very well maintained and at the same time quite lively. Everywhere there are amenities for vacationers - sunbeds, pillows, jet skis, water-skiing, riding a "banana". There are few merchants on the beach, while they are rather modest and unobtrusive. Along the beach are often boats with local sweets.

From the airport

Public transport does not go from the airport, so you have to either take a taxi or book a transfer. Travel time to Bophut Beach from the airport will take about fifteen minutes. On the way from the airport you need to turn off at the traffic lights to continue along the ring road towards Bophut past Chaweng Beach.

From the marina on Nathon

From neighboring beaches (Maenam, Chaweng, Lamai) and Nathon Pier, you can reach Bophut Beach by public transport - the Red Songteo. Songteo are minibuses, you can use them until 18:00.

If you are driving on your own from the marina, then in 15 minutes you will get on the road, turning on the ring, to the place.

You can learn more about Nathon Beach in our article.

From Lipa Noi Pier

From the Lipa Noi pier you will have to walk a bit before the turn, and then you can also get to Bophut by minibus. By the way, after 18 hours all minibuses turn from public transport into a regular taxi. It should be noted that reviews about Samui report that public transport is notable for its high cost.

Getting there is also quite simple - along the Samui ring road you will run into the beginning of the beach, where you can leave your own car or bike in the parking lot.

You can learn more about Lipa Noi beach in our article.

Temple of the Big Buddha

The most famous and popular place among tourists on Bophut, as well as throughout the island of Koh Samui, is the Big Buddha Temple.
The foundation of the temple is the artificially sprinkled island of Fan. The passage to the temple is surrounded by a large gate. The building itself is small in height. But the gilded Buddha statue, located on its territory, is twelve meters high! Against the background of the temple, it seems simply gigantic. You will see the statue even from the porthole of an airplane. A high and wide staircase (60 steps) leads to the statue. Shoes in front of the stairs are removed. However, there is a time period - from 10 to 16 hours, when it is allowed to climb the stairs in shoes. The fact is that the steps of the stairs are very hot, and it is simply impossible to step on it with bare feet. After overcoming such a ladder, one can make a wish. Turning your back on the statue is considered indecent, and if you decide to sit down, your legs should not be directed in his direction.

The temple is not just a tourist attraction, a place for tourists to visit. At the same time, he is active, and believing Thais visit him. Bells are located around the perimeter of the temple, and there are sticks at the entrance to the temple. There is a belief - if you walk and hit with a stick at each bell, then the karma of the striker will be cleared. In addition, each visitor to the temple receives the blessing of a monk and a red thread on his hand. It is believed that the desire made at the moment will come true. In Asian countries, it is customary to have a small market near the temple. There is such a market at the foot of the Big Buddha Temple. Of course, this market is for tourists, so the prices here are noticeably overpriced. But among the things presented there are a lot of those that are made by oneself, and most likely you will not find such products in the stores.